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Had Enough

Well out of three doctors I've seen in my surgery only one I wished I'd gone to first and stayed with actually has my prognosis smack on I have scoliosis in my spine osteoarthritis in my knees and thumbs which its looking like I have it in my hands also I have been prescribed high morphine which I shouldn't be on.Now I'm being weened off it that's why I haven't been with it for the last couple of years , I'm so angry I won't be going to them again .I have to see a muscosketal podiatrist about my toes and having shoes to help me I'm doo happy to be finally sorted out think doctors jumped on the band wagon when the rheumatologist said it might be FIBROMYALGIA I have spent nearly five years trying to find out its brought me down a hell of a lot.

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Had surgery on my toes last august still scar permenantly straightened big toe with artificial joint and next toe has been done with a metal pin waiting for other foot to be done .


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