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Just don't understand it!?

I started treatment 3 weeks ago no amazing improvement however I did have treatment at my Osteopath on Monday evening. I felt fantastic for 3 day's I wasn't completely convinced it was just that treatment but thinking the drugs have kicked in.

Then yesterday morning awoke with terrible wrist hand and arm pain just like before. Why? What has irritated it? Can be just diet can it?

I am back to Osteopath on Thurs so hopefully she will give me some respite?

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Will check it out . Thanks


What treatment did you start, Millie? I believe that most DMARDs take much longer than 3 weeks to start working. It's tough trying to work out what's wrong and what helps, isn't it?!

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Meths and hydro. I am still taking the occasional Naproxen. Yes doesn't seem to be much of a pattern yet ??


I think metx and hydroxy take 12 weeks to have any effect... So meanwhile, you will probably continue to have the symptoms oyu had before. Hang on in there!


At the beginning I found that my RA fluctuated hugely. Before I started the meds it would roam around my body randomly, with a joint being excruciatingly painful one day and just unpleasant the next. So I was either awful, very bad or just miserable.

Once I started on the meds things did improve, but again with fluctuations. So I'd wake up one morning feeling hugely excited that things were better, and be back in pain by lunchtime. So it wasn't that it all just started to steadily improve, but much more of a bumpy ride.

Basically there is nothing predictable about this disease, so if you're having a good day then enjoy it! And hope that you're one of the group that responds well and fast to the meds - it does happen that they work more quickly.


Hi Milli66

I used to take Azathioprine before I was eventually changed to Hydroxychloroquine. However, they all usually take about 3 months before you get any real benefit from them & so stick with them for as long as possible because you will feel the benefit from them.

Can you not get physio from the hospital rather than paying for an Osteopath? It used to cost me a fortune when I went to an osteopath to have my legs massaged, in fact he stopped charging me & told me to get physio on the NHS. He said that I should not be paying for treatment when I could entitled to it free on the NHS.


Yes I do have to be a bit more patient ;-) !

As far as the Physio goes whenever I have had treatment under the NhS it has been pretty poor. treating each area of the body individually .

I do have a fantastic Osteopath( they vary enormously) who gives an extremely gentle total body treatment , I sleep better and am a lot more comfortable. however since I have been diagnosed I have not seen a NHS physio so it will be interesting to see the difference?


Hi Millie66

If the Osteopath is good and helps you, I would stick with it, because by the time you are on a waiting list to see a Physio you may stiffen & be in worse pain. I only suggested it because the Osteopath I had was more used to dealing with sports injuries, he used to be the Osteopath to a football team & wasn't really used to treating people with RA or lupus. I think that he was afraid that he may injure me himself.


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