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20 years on it

Hi I've been on sulphersalazine for 20 years ,last year came off due to stomache issues and had a massive flair so then started on enteric coated sulphersalazine which has been great up to now .Have developed a chronic cough and lots of stomache issues over the last month and was wondering if any one else has had anything simular after such a long time on there's Meds ?

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I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling too well. I have looked at the Patient Information leaflet for enteric coated sulphasalazine and the side effects you mention are listed as being very common in regard to the stomach issues and a cough as being a common possible side effect. It is only too easy however to lay the blame at the door of the drug and if you have not seen your GP about these issues it may be worth talking to your GP and at the very least calling your rheumatology nurse to discuss things and how best to manage this. Hope things start to improve for you very soon.

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