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I have not yet been formally diagnosed it R A yet? Seeing the Rheumatologist for the first time on 28 th ( can't come soon enough)

My question is Lyme has anyone had Rhuemy symptoms and had Lyme.?

I was bitten by a spider or tick about 2 and half years ago. I had a huge target on my thigh and was given a 5 day course of antibiotics I was also tested ( although tests are known to be un-reliable) negative results. I have always been a bit suspicious tho.

Just needed to know if anyone else had a similar experience?


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I haven't, but I know two people who have had Lyme disease. With both the symptoms appeared within about 6 months of being bitten and they got treatment. So not the same scenario, and therefore not hugely helpful! I know in theory that it can take a long time to develop but have no idea how common that is, also not hugely helpful! I also do Pilates with a women with Lyme disease, so we do swap stories of our various aches & pains and they are different.

No doubt you'll tell the rheumy, but do also push a bit as many know very little about Lyme so worth asking extra questions. And keep track of blood test results like RF & anti-CCP as if you're negative for both then Lyme may be a bit more likely.


What treatment did they get specifically?


Antibiotics, but don't know which ones.


Your history is interesting. I have no idea about Lymes disease but the onus will be on you to do your research and go prepared with the questions. I don't even know what kind of specialist would deal with Lymes disease?

All the best, Doreen

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Hi thanks.

I have done a bit of research on the Rheumatologist I am going to see. Lyme as it turns out is on his list! So I am confident that he can explore my symptoms thoroughly.

I have just got to get through these next few weeks until I see him.

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The condition from Rats urine and ticks, can cause joint pain, although if you have been told you had a negative results all should be ok. Inform the RA Specialist when you see Him, He can take this into consideration



Wrong Bob. You must do some research about Lyme. Tests are very unreliable.


There is a Lyme/Thyroid Connection Millie 66, try googling both together.


5 days of antibiotics isn't nearly enough. You were supposed to be given at least 30. You most likely have Lyme and possibly coinfections. The best lab is Igenex for testing. Can you find an LLMD (Lyme literate Doctor) in your area? There are groups on Facebook that can recommend doctors.


I have been doing a lot of reading about Lyme, as I suspect my Dad's RA may be Lyme but can't convince my Mum to get him tested. Were you on antibiotics prior to blood test as I think they can cause negative result? . Also, I had read somewhere that people often test negative in earlier stages. The rash you describe sounds like the classic Bulls-eye Lyme rash. It is a shame the blood tests are so ridiculously expensive!


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