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chronic bronchial sepsis

Hi all

I have been diagnosed with chronic bronchial sepsis for the past couple of years due to frequent, hard to shake off, chest infections, usually caused by haemophilus influenzae (hence I am regarded as being colonised by that bacteria.) The scan I had didn't show permanent damage, hence not called bronchiectasis, despite having the same symptoms.

Although I have been prone to chest infections on and off for many years, I feel they have become much worse and more frequent, since being on Methotrexate. I have emergency supplies of antibiotics at home so I can manage the attacks myself but this last one started in the lovely weather at the end of September and I am now I am into my 5th week of antibiotics, hopefully to shake it off.

I then have low level, prophylactic antibiotics to start for the winter months.

Can anyone tell me - advice seems to be conflicting:- should I stop taking Methotrexate whilst taking the emergency antibiotics? Is there any point to this as it takes up to three months to work in the first place, therefore, I presume, a similar time to decline in effectiveness?

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Sounds like you need to have a good talk with your rheumatologist, and also ask your lung specialist to talk to the rheumatologist to come up with a strategy that works, but doesn't make you even more prone to infections.


I suppose one thing to consider is how bad is your RA? I have been off methotrexate for different reasons and I feel it's given my body a chance to rejuvenate, entirely up to you. Wishing you well


These things are very individual so best to talk it through with your rheumy and check that the different doctors are talking to each other too. Whether or not you have to stop MTX depends on your dose of MTX and what else you take, the specific antibiotic, what the antibiotic is treating, and your general health. There are a couple of antibiotics that aren't good in combination with MTX, but many others can be ok.

The reason for stopping is that even though you already have MTX in your system, the new dose will have an impact on the activity of your immune system and if you need it to be combating a serious infection or major wound healing then best not to put anything in its way.

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