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Experience of MTX, hydroxy, leflunomide cocktail?

I'm off to see the Rheumatology nurse on Monday. My new consultant wants me on triple therapy but getting there hasn't been straightforward. (Is anything ever with this disease?)

I'm currently on MTX tabs 17.5mg, hydroxy 200/400mg alternate days and I believe that the next drug I'm going to try is leflunomide.

I don't weigh enough to push the hydroxy any further, have had horrendous side effects from MTX injections, can't tolerate a higher dose of MTX tablets and had to come off sulfa due to a drug fever.

What are peoples' experiences of leflunomide as a third drug? I am particularly concerned about anything that could prevent me going to work as I'm in a fairly new job and my boss is still sizing up how much of a pain my RD is going to be. Anything you can think of that I should check out with this guy on Monday?

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I've been on MTX and Leflunomide for a few years. I've since added Humira. I had absolutely zero side effects on leflunomide and it held my disease stable for about a year.

Your boss cannot legally discriminate against you for having a disability. Are you receiving support from Access to Work?


Good to hear that you had a positive result. Fingers crossed for me.

I'm not really worried about this turning into a discrimination situation - just conscious of being the 'new girl' and don't want to turn into the new girl who's off sick all the time because that makes working relationships difficult. I'm in the NHS so would have plenty of Occ Health backing should it ever come to that being needed. I don't think I'd be eligible for Access to Work as I've never been out of work.


I'm on all 3, I take leflunomide on Tues & Fri. I've never had a problem with any of these & I feel pretty good most days.

Good luck, hope they work for you too.



Thanks for this. Glad to hear a second positive experience. I'll give it a go - don't really have much choice!


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