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I've been on varying doses of MST continus, slow release morphine and I am curentky on 30x2 daily, ie 30mg on a morning and 30mg at night. It's for joint pain due to RA/PsA and for Cancer Pain.

I also take a course of Prednisilone now and again and I a currently on 20mg daily but will go down to 15mg on Monday for a week or two then 10mg etc.

My question is, I've put a lot of weight on since 2010, around 4 stone. And although I've only had Pred. For two years I've had the MST for at least six years .

I don't excercise, except walking a bit usually around the supermarket with rests, and a bit of housework. I don't work due to everything, and I can't really exercise in a gym due to joints.

I appreciate the Pred. can cause weight gain, but I'm concerned that my prolonged use of MST might contribute also.

Does anyone have any advice on whether these drugs can cause weight gain or experience of this, also are there any no opiod alternatives I can use that people have found effective for RA/PsA. The MST is very effective in stopping break through pain, it obviously doesn't stop all pain.

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morphine isn't known to cause weight gain. Unfortunately steroids are very prone to doing this & pain & reduced mobility can compound the issue.

Maybe as your dose reduces you'll notice some of the weight start to shift.


Not aware of morphine causing a particular issue. seeing your comment that you can't exercise in the gym have you seen sites like this?

which have links to different exercise programmes - there may be something there that you can do if you discuss with your healthcare professional, and you don't have to go to the gym.

or have a look at Jodi Stolove's chair dancing e.g tango!

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Hi, I am on 80mgs of MST Morphine and haven't gained weight. I did however put on 3 stone with oral steroids!! It took me over a year to shed 2 stone. Steroids are usually the culprit for weight gain. Sorry if that's not helpful. Take care


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