I've been asked to consider taking Embrel. I've failed on so many DMARDS and I'm still uncontrolled even though I'm on 20mg daily of Arava. I went on the trial last year at Guys and am sure I had the BIP as for almost 6mth I fekt really good and bloods were much improved.

I was holding out with high hopes that I might get another go.

I'm really scared of biological drugs can anyone offer advice and Also his they have been since taking Embrel and how long it took to work.

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  • I have failed most DMARDS over the years and can just only tolerate 200mg hydroxychloroquine (white blood count and neutrophils keep dropping just under the recommended range). I had 7 years on Enbrel and since had another 4 years on various other biologics. Cannot remember how long it took to work but it did make a big difference to my life and I had far fewer side effects than with DMARDs. The biologics do appear to need a small dose of a DMARD to work best although the majority of the time I have only had the biologic. There is no easy way to determine which biologic will suit you best so as with the DMARDS it is trial and error. Farm

  • I can only add that they do monitor you very carefuly on biologics. They do make an enormous difference and can help you avoid irreparable damage to your joints. I've been on several now, infliximab which was the first - lasted for nearly ten years. Well worth it.

  • I have been on Enbrel for eight plus years with no side effects. It has got me back on my feet and I am walking two to three miles every day, weather permitting. Enbrel is great! I hope it works as well for you xx

  • Enbrel gave me my life back. I was having one flare after another on Methotrexate and awful side effects but since being put on Enbrel I have not had a flare. Took about 6 weeks to work and no side effects. X

  • I have had RA for over 16 years now. I have finally reached 40 in December! An age I'd never thought I would see.. After numerous pills and tablets they finally put me on Enbrel . After literally 9 days I felt 80 % better. Although I don't like injecting myself 3 times a week , this drug has been a life saver as I really and truely think I would not be here now without it.

  • My view is all drugs have some side effects. But when I think how badly my dad, uncles, cousins, gran were all disabled due to RA, I count my blessings we have these drugs.

    I found Enbrel easy to use and felt better on it, unfortunately it did stop working for me after a few months but was put on another biologic.

    Good luck with your decision xx

  • I have been on weekly subcutaneous Enbrel injections which I administer myself for about 3 years now, and I can only describe it as a wonder drug!! I have come from barely being able to pull the covers off myself to get out of bed, to being able to lead a relatively normal life. I now do 2 pilates classes per week which helps with mobility, & work part time as a phlebotomist/healthcare assistant. I have tried to come off the steroids, but have only managed to get down 5mg, anything lower & I have a flare up, but with the amitryptylene at night & occasional quininie for cramps, I am relatively well & cope with the RA & fibromyalgia. People that know me have remarked on the difference in me over the last few years. I too was worried about the side effects, but thankfully they have been practically non existent for me, & I guess they have to tell you everything to cover their own backs should there be a problem. I was on Hydroxychloroquine, which caused total numbess in my feet (Peripheral neuropathy), I was also on MTX for a while, but made me feel really sickly, & weird. Also tried Sulfasalazine, but that didnt agree with me either. I was terrified of taking the Enbrel initally after reading about the side effects, but had to weigh up my quality of life, and it has worked well so far. Anyone that has this dreadful disease will know how good it feels to find something that can give you back some normality in life so whilst it might not be ideal its about as good as it gets!

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