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Opportunity my RA is giving me :)

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Well I figure I can't sit and do nothing for ever as I'll go madder than I already am so I've taken the opportunity, in the past few weeks, to explore doing some sketching and water colour painting (a first for me since I was about 13 .... Mm years ago!!!).

It has certainly been taking my mind off things and helping me be more positive about my current situation and strangely enough my tired, dry, rapidly blinking eyes seem to settle when I'm engrossed in the task!

Attached is one of my efforts.

I wonder what others are discovering that they can do (even at a rudimentary level) which they didn't consider in their skill set prior to developing RA.

With kind regards


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that's very good and what a great positive attitude you have it great to try new things thank you for sharing.

Well done for this Ali!

Strangely enough I'm in the opposite place in terms of skill sets being acquired through RA. I've been a self employed artist for 27 years - making, exhibiting and engaging in art related activity - and now I'm still trying to work, but I find it hard to concentrate for long periods and my ambitions and priorities have also shifted dramatically since RA started.

So I'm volunteering for a health organisation now, on inspection teams and receiving training, attending conferences etc. This has taken me into the world both my late parents inhabited and I find it gets me up and out and away into the big wide world.

It also wipes me out however so I have to rest more in between commitments and seem to struggle with frequent flare ups of my autoimmune stuff. But I'd rather have my brain engaged than be sitting working in my studio being introspective 24/7. So I try to keep it all going despite the fatigue and other practical difficulties. I also wonder if it will perhaps lead to part time work that will be paid at some stage. But I'd rather not have to go down this route and hope I can get back into being a financially viable artist again one day when thing are better controlled and I have more clarity about my health.

Well done for putting up a great post. I'm all for turning lemons into lemonade where possible.

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Your chosen distraction is obviously working for you! This might just be a whole new challenge for you, you have a talent, do post more when or if you would like to share them. I admire art whichever form being one who can't even draw a recognisable Donald Duck! :)

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I think I've simply become much more appreciative of all those little things we used to take for granted. I started crying with joy in the shower the day I realized I could squeeze out the shampoo with only one hand ("like in the olden days") :) I appreciate the activities I'm able to do with my kids now, and even if I can't do as much with them as I like, I bask in what we are able to do together and am learning not to over promise.

I'm also slowly getting better at making sure I get "me" time - which is tremendously important but something we wives and mothers often neglect. So I thank RA for telling me it's okay to put my needs first from time to time :)

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Very well done it is a lovely water colour. You have found your talent and keep it up.xxxx

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Well done Ali, being positive can help us through so much! Your watercolour reminded me to put on my plum and bramley stew for the lunch time desert crumble. Thanks!

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Thanks for your encouragement. Discovering painting has definitely helped me cope with a difficult time more effectively.

I had my second return to work meeting today and it was so different to the one before Xmas where the boss would only talk of early retirement on disability grounds. The up shot is I'm going back after 1/2 term (I teach) but will join the 'cover' team which involves less paperwork as I will be covering classes when others are on their prep time or off sick so I will not have pupil files to maintain or reviews to write (we are a special school so each child has an annual review). My paperwork day will not be one day a fortnight but 1/2 a day a week to break my week up.... Now it's up to me to make the most of it and be disciplined enough to leave any paperwork that I have in school time rather than dragging it home with me.

We've set a review date at the end of 1/2 term to see how it is going (my Union rep will be there again on that meeting as well which has/is making a difference in what 'adjustments' are forth coming I am sure of).

Thanks again for your kind words and support


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Hi. While housebound and waiting on hip re-revision surgery ive taken up pastel drawing, rediscovered knitting and am even writing poetry. Surgery shortly but will probably get back into these again when able. It beats watching tv all day!

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