Virtually Pain Free, then Flare Up

Just when I was about pain free for months, RA comes back and bites me. Been in quite bad pain for 2 days now and really tired I suppose that's the way it is. From where I was a few years ago can't complain Doctors, Consultants and Hospital have been really supportive. Have had to have very little time off from work and they have also been good with support. As I troll through the web for ideas NRAS seems to always come up but when I go to check it out a £30 joining fee is wave at me. Is this correct or am I missing something.

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The website info is free tho. You can always call and ask , I don't know if they do discounts.

That's one thing about RA , the unpredictability, one day good the next ouch. Rest up and listen to your body, take your pain pills and use hot or cold packs whichever helps you most and have this gentle hug xx A

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Hi beaubonna,

As allanah has already said below, there is a lot of information on the NRAS website which is all free of charge and access is unrestricted. The same goes for some of our other services including our range of publications that can be downloaded or requested online/over the phone for free. We do also have a freephone helpline service on 0800 298 7650 or email if you have any questions in particular about your RA.

The membership you can across is something many of those living with RA has found useful. It costs between £20-£30 (depending on what method you use to pay or wther you are overseas) and as well as supporting the charity, you also receive a regular magazine, access to our private online forum, regular e-newsletter updates (with information about research opportunities, new medications, publication updates etc) and much more.

Kind regards


Membership Supervisor


Thanks Emma, just find subscription strange for something we need help and support with. But thanks for reply


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