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Hi everyone I'm on 15 mg mix & 5g folic acid was just curious about hairloss I've been on it for two weeks & and so far I havnt had side affects to bad. My question is I'm I being to hopeful that I won't get hair loss cause I've not been on them long enough or could I be one of the lucky ones. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm vain, I'm not I just like having hair!!! Gentle hugs Michelle xxx

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Hi Michelle, lots of people don't get hairloss and of those that do, quite a few find that it settles down and isn't too bad. For me it got really bad so I've come off MTX. I never had any other side effects apart from that and I'm so disappointed. I've just started Humira so will see how that goes. Good luck. Clemmie


Thanks clemmie hope this one works out for you xx


Hey Chemar,

My response to mtx has been so mild that I've not noticed anything (yet!) and my crazy brain goes "why am I not feeling this, that and the other? Why is my hair still on my head? Why? Why? Oh Why?" I've become a flaming three year old and every little thing is greeted with "but why?" I must be driving my rheumy stark raving mad!!!

We'll see what happens when the dose goes up, which I am sure it will because although the swelling and soreness in my hand and foot has gone down the chronic fatigue and dry eye problems have not abated... And if he doesn't up my mtx or puts something else in the mix to relieve these things rest assured that I will ask "BUT WHY?".

May you stay adverse reaction free for ever more :)



Thank you Hun xxx


Hiya Michelle. This is a popular query at the mo! My experience is once my folic acid was increased to 6 a week my slight hair loss became even slighter. From reading other responses it seems a few have had more than "acceptable" hair loss but I suppose it can also depend on the dose & the type of hair you have. By that I mean I have always had a reasonable head of hair but it was fine, mostly poker-straight hair. Since being on MTX (I'm also on 15mg) & losing hair on 5mg folic acid the day before & day as it's grown back the texture's changed & a slight kink I had just at the back has a definite wave which is spreading to the rest of my hair. Now I take 5mg every day except the day I inject & where I had to hotbrush it before to give it some style I can now almost get away with just letting it dry naturally so, to me anyway, it's actually done me a favour! I took the advice of my hairdresser too & kept it shorter which means it retains the kink because as my hair grows the weight of it means I lose the movement in it.

You're not unusual being concerned, our hair somewhat defines us ladies doesn't it..? but don't worry too much about it, not everyone has the same side effects.x

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Thanks xxx




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