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I'm confused side affects or bug (humiria)

Hi, I had a hip flare start on the 16th August and the flare lasted about 5 days. I had chronic pain in my back and I put it down to having to walk funny with the hip pain. The pain in my back is getting know better and I'm really restricted with pain and feel stiff as a board and absolutely exhausted. I have just been reading side affects on humiria as I have got really bad stomache pain and bloating and wondered if that could be the humiria. Both where there as a side affect and was shocked to see the back pain. I had septic arthritis in my hip a few year ago and it left me with constant pain in the hip. I don't know if it's a side affect in my back and same with the stomache. X

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sorry to hear that you are not feeling so good. As always when you get side effects that last or are unexplained, it is a good idea to contact your rheumatology team just to be on the safe side.


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Ok I will do thank you x


Hi, yep definitely one to discuss with your docs as there are so many things can make your hip hurt. It's awful tho when you are sat trying to figure things out but best ring Rheumy team I think.mhope you get the help soon xx


Sorry to hear your not very well, I would suggest ringing your Rheumy nurse and ask if she/he can send you an xray form through the post, I too went through something similar and its always worth an xray, get there opinion after all that is what they are there for and should be able to help you.

Maybe you should ask you GP secretary to also issue some blood tests for you to see what is going on? Septic arthritis is awful and you really should try to be on top of it in case its the start.

Best of luck x


Thanks for the reply.phoned the rheumatology help line yest. Don't know why I bother as they always say ring your GP. I go see GP and they say ring the hospital you need to see someone with experience in rheumatoid. I get fed up of been passed pillar to post x

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