Cant shift this bug

Had such a horrible week. Had injs in my sacroiliac joints on friday and then startrd with a urine infection. This was still bad on monday so i didnt take my mtx dose. That evening i was getting bad shivers n cold sweats and starting been sick. Now its friday i havent been sick for 24 hrs but getting hot n cold spells and have no appetite to try and build my strength back up. I havent taken any meds since monday as i havent been able to keep things down. This is the first time ive had a bug since starting mtx didnt expect it to take this long to get over

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  • Hi Chelle,

    I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling so ill. I can only think that because you are shivering that you have a high temperature. I don't know if you've already been to your GP, if not please do so. You may need intravenous antibiotics in hospital to clear the infection. A few years back I had a urine infection that got bad. Had shivering and sickness. I was sent to hospital and the tests came back positive for Pylonephritis, a serious kidney infection. Spiking temperature and vomiting are two of the symptoms. Sending hugs and wishing you well. xx

  • Poor you. You don't sound well at all. Please see your GP again if you haven't already as you are more prone to infections when on MTX.

  • Sounds like your urine infection has really taken over - can you ring NHS24 and get advice? When I got that bad (hot and cold and shivers) years ago I actually ended up in hospital as it had got so bad, so the sooner you get the right antibiotics the better.

  • I agree with poemsgalore1, it sounds as though you may have pyelonephritis and you need to see your GP ASAP as if it is this, it can lead to kidney damage. Clemmie

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