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Hip pain

Hi, I have been helping my elderly (91) mother get her bungalow ready for her to move back into after a month of respite care,we had to take down some shelves to give her more room,I carried these shelves up the garden, they were fairly heavy, but I coped pretty well, but I now have really bad pain in my right hip,it almost feels as if it will give way! I have had RD for over 10 years,but this pain does not feel the same as the RD, so thinking it may be a pinched nerve? Has anyone else had anything like this & if so what did you do? Any advice would be really appreciated, Thanks Gillian.

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Hi Gillian, only just looked at my emails! Where is the pain in your hip? I have both hip pain (OA) and trapped nerve pain. Do you have any pins and needles? Anne


No pins & needles drwhofan! Its a little better today,but still very sore, have tried to see gp,but no appointments any time soon,I am so busy with Mother,but if its still as bad tomorrow will try the walk in centre, in the mean time guess its lots of paracetamol/ibubrofen! Thanks for replying.G


My trapped nerve caused pins and needles, so perhaps you have not got that. I also had inflamed bursa round hip, caused much pain, so it could be that. If it's OA of the hip joint as I have, then I get pain in the groin, bum, and front thigh muscle. some times it feels as though my hip will 'give out' and I will fall over. If the pain is very bad see if you can get some codeine based tablets. They help me. Also a big help is a hot water bottle, especially at night. Hope you get to see your GP soon, or get a telephone consultation! Anne x


Hi gilox,

Sorry to hear you have developed really bad hip pain. We are not medically trained on helpline, but would suggest you contact your GP just to get it checked out and hopefully they can put your mind at ease.

With best wishes

Sally (NRAS Helpline)


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