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Hey there,

This is my first post on here joined today didn't know this website was here, anyway I'm a 27yo male with ankylosing spondylitis was diagnosed fully when I was 21 had an extreme flare up end of 2012 was off work for 10 months, never had pain like it, Docters tried different things until I was put on the amazing treatment etanercept which pretty much saved me from the pain and stiffness I've had one flare up and no stiffness since I've been on it, but I do suffer from tonsillitis just keep getting it! Got it again this weekend from only having it 6 weeks ago!? Going to the Docters today to see about getting them out, was wondering if anyone on here has had the same problem and have had them out or have any advice? Thank you very much for reading.

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Hi there

Etanercept is wonderful, there is a but however, you can become prone to infections. Your tonsils may become an easy target. Check with your GP, consultant and any other source of info so you can go back and request they be removed. Best thing I ever had done. Even though it hurts like hell initially. Good Luck.


Hi, I've been having a similar experience recently. Since may I have had two bad colds lasting weeks, tonsillitis and sinusitis, all causing really bad flare ups too. Turns out I've got nasal polyps which means I'm even more prone to infection, particularly in the nose or throat. Although I'm currently infection free I'm still not back on full meds (entanercept and methotrexate) and it's going to take months to sort out. If your considering having your tonsils out I would discuss whether something else could be causing the repeat infections, if it is the problem may not go away with just having your tonsils out.


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