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1st Embrel injection

Despite my apprehension, I found the self-injection really easy (probably helped by a generous subcutaneous site!). In fact, it was so painless that I couldn't believe I had actually done it. The stuff stung a bit, but only briefly and it was nothing compared with the pain I've endured over the past year. About ten minutes later, a strange dry taste in my mouth, but that didn't last and the Health at a Home nurse assured me that this was quite normal. What HAS lasted all day is a spaced-out feeling. I feel VERY relaxed, more relaxed than is convenient, and slept all afternoon. It felt like the only option and the safest too; I live on my own. Does anyone else experience this? I was thinking of doing it before I go to bed next time, but then wondered if it's better to move around.

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I remember feeling tired and going to sleep after my first time, I put it down to the stress of having completed it! Never had the dry taste or the spaced out though. You will find the best time of the day in which to do it over time. My normal routine is Monday morning after breakfast, then sitting for half an hour afterwards, but then I have the luxury of being at home. If I plan to do anything first thing on Monday, I will inject later that day. Providing you don't actually change your whole day it appears to be fine what ever time you do it. If you have to change your day then you carry on the next week to the day you changed it to and move a day later each week until you get back to your original one if that was the day you preferred. I had to do this one time through not injecting for a specific. This was advised by my nurse to do it this way.

Anyway too long an answer to your query, best of luck with it.


Thanks a lot, Georje. Too tired to write more. Off to bed - again!


Hi Jora as you know I have started Enbrel 3 weeks ago, I have had no side effects at all with the drug and appear to be coping very well as my bloods are normal, my inflammation has went down to just 2, I have been on holiday abroad for a while and have been feeling absolutely normal, but yesterday and today I have been experiencing some stiffness and slight pain since getting home, otherwise I feel good, I too have had no bother with injecting but on my last one I have a bruising on the inj site, but nothing to worry about, I hope it works for you soon.

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Hi jora glad it all went well ive been on enbrel almost 3 years and its always nervous doin the first few im lucky to have a generous injection site...I do mine in the morning and go back to bed which seems to help...good luck :-)