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where can I get thick steering wheel covers that make it easier to hold onto the steering wheel?

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Hi, I got one from pound stretcher, is there one in your area, or maybe B & M.

Worth even looking on eBay or even amazon, good look, they are much better to get hold of when driving.




I use a steering wheel ball, works well. Give a try


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I bought one from amazon ,or rather my son did , hope that helps . Good hunting


hello, i had terrible problems too with thesteering wheel. i got on the internet and got just what i wanted. a thick, spongy thing. only problem i had was getting someone to put it on for me!!! it did just the job......


I have two covers on mine. The top one is a sewn on leather effort, so that helps grip too.


If you are using any adaptation to make driving easier,then it would really pay to get something that is approved for use by people with disabilities. See if you can find either a disability resource centre, a disabled driving centre, or even a motability car adaptation centre and ask for advice . Even an OT should be able to advice. Chances are you will get something that is a lot safer and a lot more useful than anything you can buy in poundstretcher. If you are really having difficulty holding the wheel, then they can also show you adaptations like wheel spinners (kind of ball thing that clamps on the steering wheel, to make it a whole lot easier to hold and turn), but you do need a proper assessment first.


I bought a thick black sheepskin one from a site on the internet. It's warm to the touch in winter and not hot to hold in the summer, it gives me a good grip and the lanolin in the sheep wool helps to keep my skin soft too! (However if you're allergic to lanolin, you should maybe consider a synthetic version)


Halfords do a good range. It might be worth having a look there if you have one locally.