hi, i was wondering if this could be ra related? does anyone else have this ?

a couple of years before i was diagnosed the skin on the joints of my toes, fingers, ankles,knees and elbows started to discolour. over time its got worse. my knees look the worst. basically it looks like ive been kneeling in the garden and not washed ( no i havent been and yes i have lol) its really starting to bug me and is making me self concious. anyone got any ideas? thanks in advance :-)

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  • Sorry pink dee not heard of that one. Have you shown your gp or rheumatologist?

  • hiya kikideelili ,yeah they dont know what it is. i thought maybe it was some rare side effect and there may just be someone else with it lol. hey at least im unique ;-)

  • Could it possibly be acanthosis nigricans? Has any doctor commented on it?

  • hi, no that hasnt been mentioned . ive just searched for it online and it doesnt look like the pics ive found. i'll try another dr at the surgery and see what they come up with, thanks for the help though :-)

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