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I injected MTX yesterday evening and last night my husband said my breathing was deep or hyperventilating all night and kept waking me up to stop my breathing pattern annoying him. He is saying my breathing was terrible last night but I do not know who to turn to. Husband has tried to record my breathing but nothing is picked up only him snoring off & on. This is causing my much distress in my daily life and am quite low right now. Anybody able to help me please. Thank you

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Does it just happen after mtx injection? We have the snoring problem, and when we have nasty colds are lucky enough to be able to have separate rooms. Just for a few days. That's good to restore sleeping patterns. It's not good to be woken up, but breathing irregularities aren't good either. You sound distressed and I hope you can find a way forward.



Important to call RA Nurse ASAP as this is one of the contraindications to MTX,



This is definitely something to report to your doctor or nurse quite quickly. Snoring can actually be a sign of sleep apnoea, where you have long pauses between breaths then the snort is kind of when you start breathing again. Although it was annoying, I think your husband was probably wise to keep waking you up if your breathing pattern was that bad. The way you are feeling during the day could be a result of you not getting enough oxygen at night. You might need some kind of sleep study to check what is going on, although if it is MTX related, then you might need advice on whether to stop it or not.


I had breathing problems when I started on MTX but it was put down to a coincidence or stress or inflammation around my rib joints. I was referred to A&E and had a multitude of tests and they thought at one point it may be blood clot. Apparently there is a false positive reading which can occur if you have RA, so that was eventually ruled out. However, I did spend a horrible weekend in hospital and was then discharged still clueless. It eventually eased over the next couple of weeks and then completely disappeared. However, lately it has recurred and I have found the more aware of it I become, the more it worsens. So definitely get checked out just to rule things out - but it could be stress or inflammation of your ribs?? Mine did eventually stop so I hope yours does too!


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