Bee sting therapy

Had an e-mail from a friend talking about bee sting therapy for RA.Its had some good results in the USA,anyone on here had any info on it? I ask as I recently had shingles,all the while the rash was active (really painful)! I had very few RA symptoms I did wonder at the time if there was a possible connection,my friend who is a doctor thought it could be that the immune system was too busy fighting the shingles to bother with the RA,so if thats the case bee stings could help???

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  • There have been very very small randomised trials done, which have shown it can significantly improve the condition when used alongside current standard DMARDS or biologics

  • Hi gilax, Several months ago this was a topic on BBC the GP's were reluctant to try this as several people suffered with Anaphylitac shock,Matt

  • I was going to say- sounds a very painful kind of therapy surely? My mum almost died from a bee sting and was told a second one would have killed her so I can see the point that Matt is referring to.

  • If you remember Morcambe and Wise, ( proper comedy in my eyes ) Eric Morcambe used to always have regulat bee stings, for his bad arthritis. Saw a prog ages ago about bee stings, and it appears it does work for many ppl.. I dont think I fancy it tho... too kuch of a wimp, lol

  • In the trials did they just use a small amount extracted from bees or did they just get them angry and leave you in the oom!!

    Sorry just my vivid imagination running riot! I hope the trials are successful if they run them, any sort of help/ cure would be great,

    but aren't bees becoming scarce, and was it Einstein who said we will only have two days left if the bees die, so dont want o make the ones we have left making medicines as well!

    I know totally off your question but that's the mood I am in today cos it's sunny here!! :)

  • Really did laugh out loud Allanah! Yes I too worry about the bees, wonder if wasp or stinging nettles would work:) ? On a more serious note (?) The connection with the shingles/no RA pain/no MTX shows that the immune system is really weird? Thanks so much for the giggle, GillianX

  • :)

  • Sort of ps, Its absolutly chucking it down here in deepest darkest Essex!!!!!

  • Poor you, you need to come up t north!

  • Would love to Allanah but a 150 mile road trip with 3 dogs & the original grumpy old man????

  • Sounds like my life! But substitute dogs for teenager ! Grumpy old man applies ! C

  • Heehee! I also have teens,but they are grandchildren, have learnt to dread the "Oooh Grandma" usually means trouble,but at least they go home at night, Usually. gillian

  • Can't wait got mine to decide to reproduce lol but I don't think it will happen for a long yime as they are both saving for houses and I will kill the younger one who is 17 as she wants to go yo Ini!

  • Thankfully I have yet to be blessed with great grandkids Tho I have 4 step ones if that makes sense, but having grandchildren is wonderful, one of them is a beauty therapist & looks after my nails beautifully, in fact they are all wonderful kids,there are 8 of them 5 girls 3 boys,cant reccomend it highly enough! Oh we are getting a bit off piste here.:)

  • Getting of the point is pretty usual for me lol sounds like a great family ! But back yo bee therapy lol!! save the bees'!!

  • Thanks for that lab lover,to be honest if I had the chance I would trial it in a heartbeat! I have really bad mood swings on MTX & have had to have a much lower dose than I did & although it works most of the time, ( my husband is much safer now!!) I do have really awful foot pain,&swollen fingers pretty much every day I'm luckier than a lot of people on here as I can cope reasonably well most of the time. Surely they don't use actual bees???? Oh & don't bees die once they have stung you? Not a happy thought. Gillian

  • Oh no poor dead bees, forgot about that. No I am not gonna trial poor dead bees ! ;)

  • Just come across this, and strangely I watched a program just the other night about weird cures etc. They mentioned in particular multiple sclerosis and chronic pain sufferers and yes Allanah they were using live bees .They were held by the legs in tweezers and the rear was held to the skin and the guy tapped the bee which prompted it to sting!!

  • Poor bee! Not very dignified!

  • Awwwww

  • Hi all..well if it was anything like the bee sting I experienced on holiday...oh by did I jump 2 feet in the air...I think everyone sunbathing lying next to me..had a laugh..sun bed sun cream sun hat went was my first sting and hopefully my last...but I suppose if there was enough evidence in ways to help in someways with my crazy immune system ...I may consider a try...or maybe not...hehe xxx

  • I'm with Allanah and gilox ... Save the bees!! Blooming wasps are a nuisance surely they would be as good? I wonder how often you would need to be stung as people describe their injections as bee stings. Very interesting all this immunity stuff ... in fact I feel an interesting post possible on its way ... Rx

  • I just wonder if we all have accidently saved the universe! But I do wonder if my shingles did trick the immune system into fighting them, rather than having a right go at the RA???

  • Lol kill wasps! They don't do anything or feed anything and don't produce anything ha ha ha mwaaaahaha!

  • oh but they do, more ***** wasps...............

  • Crying with laughter now lol BEEhave and BEEgood :)

  • Not in my remit Allanah! you can't be 70 & beegood or beehave,you gotta have a bee t of a laugh innit!!!

  • But the saying that "Bee keepers never get arthritis " is true, we have several bee keepers here in the village and they gave a talk at a meeting, and it is true, they NEVER get arthritis.........

  • yes I have heard that before,but I guess I thought that clinical trails meant just that, clinical! Not realised they used actual bees,Just the thought of it gives me goose bumps, eee wonder if they work??????

  • Some one suggested that i put my hand in a wood ants nest as their granny swore that ant stings/bites cured RA. Maybe we could substitute ant bites for bee stings, they dont die after biting. Needless to say I have never plucked up the courage to give it a go; any one else fancy giving it a go.

  • Oh Mali we have a HUGE ants nest in the greenhouse,no idea what sort they are though,do all ants nip? Or do some just tickle? Whatever,( essex girl coming out again) I am more than happy to invite you to have a go,must admit after the mucking out of 2 cupboards(the one under the sink YUK) I am very tempted to try it right now! But its pouring with rain,blowing a gale,& I have to walk the dogs soon,not that I'm making excuses you understand :)

  • I have to tell you that I got a very severe sting from a hornet once that left a two inch welt and I never moved so well as I did the two days after---unless you count the running I did to try to get away from the mad stinger!

  • Have severe doubts it was worth it! & don't think I'd try it,:( but it does sort of prove the theory :)

  • Maybe just better to stick to Manuka honey instead as I do? My RA is awful quiet these days. It's very expensive mind you.

  • Hi Rarebird,did wonder about that, but as you say it is a bit on the pricey side,have a big jar of (very) small change,could cash it in & it will be sort of free :) I see it comes in different strengths,which would you say would be best?Thanks for the info

  • Well it's got to be the highest plus you can buy I guess Gilox although you do pay accordingly. Another member on here swears by it for just about everything and my husband says that sometimes the nurses use it with the elderly people he works with when wounds become infected etc.

    I couldn't think how they worked the grading out until someone explained that it is about the individual New Zealand bee hives - maybe the size of the bee or the quality of the pollen? I haven't bought any for a while as we are a bit skint just now but when my RA was bad I used it quite a lot on rice cakes etc. If you think about how much money some people pay for bottles of malt whisky or other types of spirits then it's relatively cheap I suppose? I don't know if it worked or not but I'm a rather healthy person these days so I don't feel I need it presently.

    But whatever - I certainly wouldn't want to have RA pain diverted by the pain of bee stings - and as others have said - without bees we are nothing and they are becoming increasingly threatened, I've never yet been stung so might have the same life threatening reaction as my mum so it would be a non starter for me as a therapy! Tilda x

  • Have just counted the pennies!!!!! £16.36:) oh & a farthing, & 1 euro! no idea where the euro came from, but will get the manuka tomorrow,will let you know how it goes, thanks to you all, its been a great thread, a good laugh, & cheered me up no end!!! gillian

  • Yes great thread I agree - really hope the Manuka works for you (every expensive spoonful!) and we can put the idea of murdering bees where it belongs. Either that or all become bee keepers?! X

  • Just come in on this discussion. Never thought of manuka honey. I take 7 capsules of omega3 which I think helps. Interested in what you say on the honey strength. Anne x

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