Rheumy visit today

I had a rheumy appointment today following having had a hand scan & back xray back in October.

I wasn't sure what he was going to say,he did tell me that I was an unusual case as all my bloods are negative so they were wondering if it was more OA than RA however the hand scan shows both RA & OA so I now have a formal diagnosis of both conditions! Bummer really - but I sort of knew that!

He is going to swap me to MTX by injection & gradually increase the dosage - so that was positive.

I'm due to have a knee replacement in 2 weeks time - not looking forward to it as I've already had the other knee done!! I'm too young - only 60!!!

I also got a call last week offering me a date of yesterday to have my Golfer's elbow release!! Needless to say I turned it down as I will need to use crutches after my knee replacement.

I hope the letter suggesting the switch to injectable MTX gets through to the GP quickly although it does get typed in India!!!

Hope everyone else is doing ok?

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Hi I too have OA and RA , sero negative. See consultant though after more tests as my biological not working so well , but so glad ur on the meds and I hope you feel better very quickly xxxxA


So good news in a funny way and you have a diagnosis. Sounds weird but at least you know exactly what you are dealing with now. Good luck with the injections and I hope it comes through soon for you


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