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Car advice please

Hello everyone,

I'm currently trawling around car showrooms to update my motability car. So far, I have changed my mind about 5 times so thought I'd look for advice from you guys.

I have a short list of cars that can fit a small mobility scooter in the back and have a nil or low advance payment and would welcome any feedback.

Fiat 500L

Nissan Note (new design)

Skoda Roomster

Ford Focus Estate

Ford BMax

Peugeot 2008 Crossover

These all have automatic or semi-automatic transmission. I have to admit that my experience of semi-automatic on Skoda Citigo has not been a happy one.


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Funny how we all have horror stories of different cars. We would never buy a French car after bad experiences with Renault and Citroen. Yet we have had fords for years, from the same dealer,without any major problems and the aftercare and service has been excellent. So, I think, you pays yer money and takes your chance, as they say.


Mine is a Citroen c4 grand Picasso and my Skooter fits perfectly with some room for shopping too lol, it was £300 up front and very very nice to drive, it is a seven sweater but keep two flat and there's lots of room.

Good luck with your search.



i had a Skoda Fabia Estate for my last car and had no trouble with it. I could get my small scooter and two labs in it. I have an Vauxhall Astra now and that is fine my small scooter fits inside, and is semi auto and again no trouble. I have only had this one since June. I did pay £200 up front but its a lovely smooth drive.

Not much help really i would have test drives if you are not sure.

Wish you luck in sorting this out XXX



Thanks Chris. This is the info I'm looking for. Does the boot opening have a lip to it? I'm really trying to find one with level boot access because it is so hard on my back to have to lift things up and over it.


Yes it does but i used it to hold the big piece of scooter on so i could change the way i was holding it , the same applies to the Astraas well as the Skoda . Hope that some help



Hello BOB here

At the moment I am driving VAUXHALL ASTRA AUTO it has an effortless Automatic gear box,I understand it a double box or something so there is no jumping when it changes gears,this car is a 2.0 ltr engine diesel so I am getting about 45mpg over long distances. Myaverage drive is some where between 30 miles and 50 loves country roads

Last car was not that good was a Ford Focus1.6 Auto it was not like the last on very punchy. The new one was as flat as a pancake terrible fuel consumption 36mpg, on same journey as above.

Will put a spanner in the works look at the Golf,very good like Vauxhall.

When I was checking for a new car Citreon had developed there new C3 Crossover,seemed to have good specs

The Nissan for the type of driving I do was asflatas a pancake.

When choosing a new car I have to be sure I can get it serviced so I am restricted to the models I can choose,

I live in the sticks

All the best,happy driving


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Hi Judy, I have a Ford C Max. It has a completely flat floor in the boot so no obstacles you can slide things easily. I have a hoist fitted which has been a miracle thing for us, I cannot lift at all and hubby had major cancer surgery recently, so he cannot lift either. I have a remote control thingy and it just lifts the scooter complete, then turns it and parks it in safely, I have to do nothing. It is my sixth Ford and I can honestly say the dealer has been fantastic in every way, they really went overboard to ensure I had chosen the right car for my needs. They even collect/return the car from home for servicing. The car was a bit bigger than I am used to, but we needed the extra space so that the scooter could go in without dismantling. It is also wonderful to get in/out of. I have had two spinal fractures plus RA and osteoporosis and accessing cars has becme very difficult till now. They fitted a metal grab bar which folds in and out which has been a boon to me. The drivers seat was the comfiest I tried has adjustable lumbar support for my painful back.

If you order a hoist when you order your new car, Motability pay towards it, so it came to £800 for us to pay, but this hoist has been so fantastic for me, giving me so much more independence. I think the down payment for the car was another £800, but may be less than that now. I had my car 15 months ago. If you need any more info let me know. Lynda x

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I got a Hyundai IX20 for my motability car, full automatic, an great head room to get in and out of easily. Would recommend this


I've just got an automatic honda jazz and had a hoist fitted for £399.

the only scooter that goes in on the hoist without removing the seat [just fold the seat back down] is an "ultralight 355" but others can be used if you can lift the seat off.

I'd already got this scooter so that's ok for me - it also fits in a nissan micra, but I can no longer lift it in.

If you order a hoist when you order your car it is cheaper, or you can buy scooter ramps on ebay.


Thanks Sandra. Unfortunately I can't really afford a hoist at the moment but have a ramp to help. How does the Jazz ride? Does it have a smooth gear transition?


very smooth and it is so light to steer.


Hi All,

I did reply to you all individually but for some reason my posts aren't showing. Thank you all for your advice though. It's very helpful.

Judy xx


I wouldn't go for a semi automatic - I'd just go straight for the automatic. Other than that, my decision would be based totally on how easy it was to get in and out, how comfortable the seat was, and how easy it would be to put my shopping bags in. Oh, and I wouldn't get the lowest powered car - I'd get one with a bit of oomph (but not necessarily a big car) as I do do some long distance driving.



I don’t have a mobility car but had a Hyundia iX20 it was fantastic level back for getting things in and a bit higher up so no bending to get in and out I really miss it and wish I had the courage to have another one, I do still have a Hyundia but its the i30 tourer which is the estate version its lovely has large flat level boot, its just a little lower than the ix20 - service and after care has been fantastic

Jen x


I got a c-max this time last year and it has been fab. My advise is take one out on a test drive first.


We've been looking around at different cars, we need something fairly big to accommodate 2 dogs plus 2 grandchildren!

We wanted a "high up" car as my husband is tall & because it's easier for me to get in & out. Also they see to have better & more comfortable seating.

Hand brakes are a problem as well as my wrists & hands can get sore so have found that some cars have buttons rather than a handbrake - I feel this is quite important.

We're looking at getting the Seat Alhambra or VW Sharon - which are both the same.

However I have just bought a Vauxhall Agila - which is small but high up - it was used as a motability car by the previous owner.

Good luck - it's a mine field!


I have an easy release handbrake, they are mostly fitted free. I also have a steering wheel knob and push/pull accelerator/brake fitted free too. ask the mobility expert at your chosen supplier and check the mobility website.


I LOVE my Citreon,have the C3 picasso now, but have had 2 C4's & loved them all we are currantly on our 5th citreon & have so enjoyed them all!!


Hi Judy, we have always had Mazda's they are great and the service is always superb, the mazda 3 or 6 are great, I have a diesel automatic, and would not look at others..give them a won't go back...take care


Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your advice. I decided that level access to the boot and fully automatic transmission is a priority.

I had another chat with motability advisers who felt that I really should be looking at getting a hoist fitted and that if I do it at the time I get the car it will be half the cost than if I leave it until later.

They have sent me an application form for a grant to cover the cost of this which is a great help.

In the meantime, I'm booked in on Friday to road test the new Nissan Note and Ford BMAX. which are the cheapest within the two main priorities. Wish me luck!


would you pm who you apply to for that grant please?


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