Hello from Laura!

Hello from Laura!

I must start by saying that I have never written a blog before; so this is rather exciting but also a little daunting! My name is Laura and I am very happy to have been here at NRAS for just over a month now. I am the Helpline and Self Management Programme Co-ordinator and have been learning the ropes for the past few weeks. There is a great deal to learn and I am very much enjoying learning as much as I can. The time seems to have flown by since I started and everybody here at NRAS has been so welcoming and helpful, and made it a joy to be here.

I work on both the helpline and the self management programme. Working on the helpline I have been learning a great deal about RA and speaking to some of you on the telephone. I have also been arranging volunteer calls for some of you, which has been a great way to get to know some of our fantastic volunteers. They are always very happy to help and speak to others who may want to talk to someone who has been through a similar experience. I know that their volunteer calls are much appreciated.

I also work as the co-ordinator of the RA Self Management Programme. This is a self management programme that is specific to RA and focuses on helping those with this disease to manage their condition, using skills such as setting goals and making action plans, problem solving, pacing daily activities and much more. NRAS are very excited that the Self Management Programme has received its first commission by Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. I was lucky enough to travel to Portsmouth and sit in on some of the tutor training. This gave me the opportunity to meet the dedicated tutors and to learn more about the programme. Everything was going extremely well and the tutors were thoroughly enjoying the training. It was so lovely to see how well the training was going and I am sure that all of the tutors I met will do a brilliant job of delivering these courses!

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a tutor, or attending a course when it takes place in your area then please call us on 0845 458 3969 or email us on

There is always so much going on in the NRAS office, especially with the run up to Christmas! I hope you all have your advent calendars! We have our Christmas Carol concert on the 10th December which I am very much looking forward to, and hoping I will get to meet some more of you. It will be an evening full of festivity and I look forward to seeing you there. If you have not yet bought your tickets, please call Val at NRAS on 01628 501547 to reserve yours now!

So, I come to the end of my blog, I hope you have enjoyed reading it. I look forward to learning more and meeting more of you and having lots to write about in my next blog. I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Best Wishes,


Laura Sando

Helpline and Self Management Programme Co-ordinator


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