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New NRAS Survey - 'Rheumatoid Arthritis: Impact on the Family'

New NRAS Survey - 'Rheumatoid Arthritis: Impact on the Family'

Hi All,

We would like your help with our new 'Rheumatoid Arthritis: Impact on the Family' survey! For this survey we need to collect responses from your close family members you live with, or have lived with.

As you all know, rheumatoid arthritis often strikes in the prime of life when family life and work life are at their busiest. Therefore the impact on the family can be considerable. The aims of this survey are to capture what that impact actually is and what support/information family members want and need.

The information your family member gives will be treated confidentially and they may remain anonymous if they wish.

If you have a family member who would like to take the survey, please share the link:

If you have any questions about the survey you can email or call 0845 458 3969.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Ruth Grosart

Online & Social Media Coordinator


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