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Now I have High Blood Pressure

Now I have High Blood Pressure


I went for the pre-op assesment, and guess what my blood pressure was sky high. i must see my GP and get another blooming pill that will make 14 items in total, I must respond to the blog that Summer started on charges.

I buy the yearly one it starts on the 20th Dec. So Santa sorts it for me!!

Well he wanted me to sit on his knee and give him a kiss and tickle his whiskers. LOL

love Tricia

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Oh dear, why do us rheumys always have one thing that leads to another. Isn't it bad enough just to have RA.

mand xx


Oh Tricia, 14 items? Now that's just plain greedy! My meds never seem to stay the same long enough for me count! Hope the BP pills work well for you.

Lyn x


pain and stress increase blood pressure as do nsaid anti inflam such as celecoxib and steroids increase blood pressure and possibly methotrexate, we need pills for the side effects of pills......., a an occasional massage or sit in a jacuuzzi helps with symptons and blood pressure well any excuse for a bit non drug help! x


Summer, me stressed never grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Now a massage sounds good. I might have to book one of those,

Thanks again for the support Boys and girls this is a really lovely Blog.

Love and gentle hugs to those who are hurting today.



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