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meds not working :(

have been struggling with my bad knee since my flare up a few weeks ago, im now experiencing pain in right ankle and both wrists, so this morning phoned me rheumy nurse to question if my medication (lefludomide) was working . it turns out markers in my blood tests have been high so im now waiting for an appointment to get assesed again and maybe change my meds ive been carrying on thinking its all in my head but i know i dont feel right. enough of my whinging hope everyone is well and taking care of themselves :) michelle x

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I know how you feel I was on lefludomide and it didn't work for me that when they put me on embrel but I'm having bad reactions to that so waiting for a other med

Hope you feel better soon love Karen x


Hi its not nice when your meds are not doing what we think they should be. hopefully you will get appointment very soon with your rheumy. take care xx


I hope you get the right meds v soon. Stay safe xx


I am so so so glad to hear someone else saying that they thought their symptoms were "in there heads"! I. Think this all the time, well a lot of the times. I have to keep calling my rhumy nurse to make sure that my symptoms are not a figment of my imagination!!!! She just laughs at me, bless her. I wasn't able to take my infusion for the month of march as my white cells are too low so it's back to bloods again and then we'll see how things pan out from there. Thanks chemar, you have put my 'over active mind'at ease for another wee while.X


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