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For Sylvi... xx

So very pleased you got to the allotment and sat in the sun.

What an amazing task you have done. You must be so proud of yourself.

I certainly am of you!!

I went to the beach day before yesterday and got a RED face.

We need to remind everyone to check their meds and the reaction they have to you with sunburn.

Hope you still keeping positive.... You got your Mojo back!!!



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Ever since a small child and got very bad sunburned, have always sat in the shade, and now with my PsA, it detests the heat and sun. Bring on the cold weather, so to all those who welcome the heat, especially Sylvi, who has been praying for fine weather.


I am fortunate to live on the beach, I sleep every night with my bedroom window wide open.

I have to be in a cold room to sleep. Fortunately I always seem to get the sea breeze and listen to the waves breaking.

The sun though I love, though this summer will be my first one since diagnosis. So time will tell



Loving the sound of were you live. I live. on the cost but not that near. I spent time in the maldives 2 weeks now then i had the sea lapping though the window. Its quite something xx


It is so relaxing.

I bet the Maldives was amazing!



yes they were out of this world would love to go again may be one day x


Morning darlin sorry i didn't answer yesterday i was at a family funeral. Where do you live by the sea you don't say,but it sounds divine,we have the window night and when its nice doing the day all the windows and doors are open as i love the fresh air. I love the sun .but the sun doesn't like me these days,but i go out for a little while and have sunscreen on and sit and enjoy it,but the extreme heat hates me these days.xxxx


Sorry to hear about the funeral.

I live on Hayling Island, Hampshire. Amazing place to live.

So what plans have you this weekend?

Great to chat to you



Resting i think as i am exhausted from yesterday. We are going to coombe martin in june,i know its a long way from where you are,but its by the sea.

I too like chatting with


Coombe Martin is lovely.

I miss travelling since I got RA.

This was a big part of what I did work wise.

Oh well, please keep fingers crossed that meds can help me get some of my life back.

Feet up for you today with lots of tea and chat on here lol




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