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Yippee Yay...8 Months today !

What a Journey....Exciting...Amazing.....So many times described as a rollercoaster ride but I think that description is Mickey mouse in comparison with the real experience...For me after, a lifetime smoking and not knowing what it is like not to smoke it was an amazing time..That every day new discoveries, the new smells, the taste of food, the smell of my wife, no more coughing and wheezing, all that stuff was none existing while I was falsely happily puffing my life away.

I am sure I have had my fair share of tests, starting with my sons Motorbike accident (with no medical aid) the passing of my brother in law and now the serious drought and the uncertainty of what the future holds. Thank goodness not once I thought that a cigarette will make it easier... I am so happy knowing that I actually saved my life and I can actually also say “ My worst habit was smoking but I quit “ (Katherine Heigl)

I am free and I hope for all the friends I have made on this forum and I am really honoured to be called your friend, to feel as free and happy because we are making our own happiness.....

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What a beautifully written post, you have been one of many on here that have been a huge inspiration and encouragement to me and I thank you so much for that. You have shown so much commitment, positivity and determination in your quit and shared that in here which has helped me. You are nearly at the penthouse and ringing that doorbell!

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Congrats Hercu, you done so well. Hope the drought ends real soon.

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