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140 Days free and 26 Days gained.....


Today I have reached 140 days smoke free! - 20 weeks! - 5 months!, but amazingly I have gained 26 days of precious life due to stamping out the last cigarette on 17 September 2015. I actually find it unbelievable that I have not put a cigarette to my mouth in this time and remained focused and determined that I would win this battle.

It has been a roller coaster and still battling through each day but as I said in previous posts it is so much easier now and so worth the bad days and to look back with delight that I stuck at it.

Stick at it everyone as it really is a wonderful feeling and achievement.....

Your Recovery 0 Years 4 Months 2 Weeks 4 Days 5 Hours 43 Mins 57 Secs

****You Will Now Live 26 Days, 20 Hours, 0 Minutes Longer On Average****

Your Addiction You Have Resisted Over 3,508 Cigarettes Since You Became A Non Smoker

2,222,515 People Have Died From A Smoking Related Illness Since You Quit Smoking

You Have Saved Over €2,806.21 By Quitting Smoking

You Spent Over €151,001.67 On Cigarettes While You Were A Smoker

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NozmoValued Contributor

Some sobering statistics there rowens. We have spent a fortune on cigarettes and decreased our life expectancy along the way. Crazy isn't it?


Crazy alright Nozmo, luckily for us all, the body is a great healer!

HercuValued Contributor

Agreed Rowens...our body's is wonderful and forgiving...Although I have battered my precious lungs for 38 years with chemicals it is slowly but surely starting to forgive me ...

Wonderful.....!! 26 Days Wow !!!


Thank you Hercu. Time is a great healer too - I have learned to be patient, initially when I quit I was expecting to feel great and healthy immediately, but now I know that is not the case, it is a gradual process and takes time to get there......

It's really, really helpful to read what other members who have given up for some time have to say. I feel dreadful today....really bad depression...awful acid reflux ...I realise that my body has to heal itself after years of smoking....but sometimes it's difficult when things are stressful to get over that ...I was on the verge of walking out of the house to go and buy a packet. Instead I've logged on here and reading your posts feel I don't have to. I just feel a bit pathetic...really tearful...it's like being a teenager again. Off to make soup now ....thank you!

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to nsd_user663_64588

Things do improve Dulavinsky - I am still getting acid reflux - we tend to blame every ache and pain on giving up smoking and some may be a related but other times it may be something we ate, weather, just generally feeling unwell, non smokers go through the same.....

Well done on not giving in and don't worry about these feelings, you are achieving so much not smoking, enjoy your soup, nothing like a bowl of homemade soup, best free medicine going!

GrahamA3 Years Smoke Free

Congrats on reaching 20 weeks, Rowens. Here's to the next 20 weeks.

RoisinO1Administrator in reply to GrahamA

Thanks Graham, hope you are keeping well....


Onwards & upwards!!!! The only way forward.

You are the best!

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