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Day 8 I give up!

I haven't caved in, but just can't believe how unsupportive my friends and family are....I'm not looking for constant praise ....but to have a friend say 'oh well a couple more weeks and then you can start your diet' just finished me for the day. I am still finding it so hard..I know its my brain telling me I need a cigarette and not the nicotine in my system, but I am still reduced to either tears or am just bad tempered. The only way I am coping with it is to keep lots of housework done or I just go to bed....exciting eh?

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You sound completely fed up, and I'm not surprised after what your friend said!

This is part of the quit. you will go through elation, despair, anger, paranoia, pride...the lot.

​Look at me - today I've had a massive shouting match over the phone (justified), experienced around three hours of happiness without even thinking about smoking, and completely lost my temper (unjustified) because I managed to get a saucepan stuck inside another saucepan while I was making tea for the kids. I actually ended up in the garden, shouting at the pans! It's normal to feel abnormal.

I can't give very good advice but I have lots of experience on how NOT to quit. Please don't give up. You'll regret it and I can guarantee that cigarette you're craving will be a big disappointment if you go for it.

If you need support - use the forum! That's what we're here for and there are plenty of people who will try to help.


Hi ya

Totally agree with you nozmo. You'll feel far worse by smoking that one cigarette. Dulavinsky your doing great! Keep it up! I'm on day 11 an i have lost the plot about 3 times today over the silliest of things. I find taking deep breaths an keeping busy defo helps too. My house is spotless! Lol Iv also been very emotional aswell. It's like a rollercoaster of emotions! but I reckon it'll get easier we can do it!

This forum is fantastic for taking your mind off the cravings. Good luck everyone 😉


Hey Dulavinsky, I was at the end of my tether at Day 8 and luckily found this forum, it is perfectly normal what you are going though - Good news, it will pass over the next couple of days so hang in there, it will be so worth it, I am now 4 months smoke free. Try to be around only positive people over the next few weeks and I know its easier said than done at the moment but ignore all negativity and distance yourself from it at all costs. You are doing great and well done on not caving in. Come and vent on the forum as often as you need to, there is always someone around. Wishing you strength Xx

PS After 4 months, I had a work colleague ask me today (who sits right beside me, was I still off the cigs after only asking when I came back after the xmas break last week and then proceeded to ask had I not even had a sneaky one, replied in the most cheerful tone possible No, I am now off them 4 months and she shut up! I really had to bite my tongue not to tell her to f off!


Ha! Good for you rowens. I bet that felt great!


It did Nozmo, but did annoy me but immediately after typing it here last night I am over it!


Hey Dulavinsky, how are you today?


Hi there thank you for asking - it really means a lot!....felt really good this morning but have been terrible this evening....actually contemplated looking through the Christmas rubbish bags to look for the pack of unfinished cigarettes I threw out last Sunday...the thought of rummaging through rotting vegetables and a some old bones bought me to my senses! I know that this is early days and it will improve but I really feel like a miserable old cow!


I promise it does get easier over the next few days, just hang in there, it will be so worth it...keep close to the forum and post as you much as you need to and anything you want, whatever it takes but don't smoke, you will be so proud of yourself when this passes, strongs Xx


Hi Dulavinsky..... Yes.. it is true... when you announce your quit to family and friends they are all very supportive and amazed... they even hide their cigarettes and put it out when you approach but after a week they will continue smoking in your presence and even offer you a cigarette. I thought at a stage that they are jealous that I could stop smoking....Yes this is a lonely journey and needs a lot of guts and that is why I have made friends on this forum for life and they have carried me through.... Stay strong and believe in yourself.....!


That sounds terrible! Your friend should have been more sympathetic, often if the person was never a smoker they don't understand at all!

Last night I thought I was okay until my very large dog (more like a house pony) was licking his foot and from no where the noise grated so much in my brain I had to leave the house as I thought I was going to explode!

I really hope this forum makes it all less lonely for you. Fingers crossed your your quit!!


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