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Day 33 i believe!

Hello Folks, Merry Christmas season to you all :) so I made it through Christmas with not a lot of fuss to be honest. The cravings are really next to nothing now. I think because I only smoked about 10 days in the last 3 months (2 relpases since stoptober) I have not really has a bad time of it this time. My body, however is really struggling with adjusting to not having nicotine I cant really feel it. My digestive system is just pants. Its quite uncomfortable actually. the thought struck me though that smoking speeds up digestion and perhaps as a non smoker I need to adjust my diet accordingly. I do drink a lot of tea, with a lot of milk so my first change I think is going to be cutting down on that. perhaps green tea and just one milky tea in the morning. give it a week and see how I goes. My body doesn't even look like me that's how bloated I am and ive starved myself last two days to get it down post Christmas binge lol

anyways. all in all a happy non smoker :) xxx

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Hey Nikki, glad you had a good Christmas, happy New Year and well done on reaching Day 33!

I actually haven't drank a cup of coffee since I started my quit for the fear of lack of nicotine with caffeine! I started drinking ice cold water with lemon first thing in the morning and haven't stopped since, it really does work for your metabolism (can take it with warm water too but it made me feel sick for some reason). I also cut out sugary foods for the first 2 months as read they can create cravings so maybe if you do eat sugary foods cut them out for a while after Christmas....

Also, try to get as much fruit and vegetables high in fiber which should help with the bloating. Good luck and well done again!


Nikki.... Sorry to hear of the discomfort but sure you will get a remedy.... Well done on your 33 days success !!! Merry Christmas and happy new Year !!


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