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Need a Quit Buddy


Hello - I have been viewing this site for a few weeks now but signed up as a member today. I am part of another support forum but found that the responses were low and it is not as active as I would like at this stage of my quit. I am 45 years old and am on day 16 of my cold turkey quit after reading Allen Carr's book and 2 hypnosis sessions. I cannot be sure but I think the book is responsible for my success thus far. I am hoping to find someone that is also in Week 3 to be my quit buddy. Any takers out there?


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Well done on your 16 days without the smokes and welcome!!!

I'm starting week 12 today so I'm a bit ahead of you...saying that, we've all been where you you are definitely amongst loads of buddys lol

Good luck and stay strong, post before you smoke :)

Morning and well done for joining the group.

I'm on day 32 but am still happy to chat if you need a buddy.

But as Karri says it's probably better to just chat with everyone here and swap symptoms, share stories and generally support one another.

We all have good and bad days and it really does help to have a number of people who will respond with different opinions and experiences or just supportive messages.

I've tried to quit so many times, but this time having started with this forum has been a great success for me. My quit has been easier and smoother because of the support and because I'm able to support others too

Hope to see lots more posts from you.

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Tko.. Welcome and very well done your 3 weeks... Landed on a lovely forum now with lots of buddy's from 3 days to three years and more..

Post frequently and we will assist as far as we can otherwise you will have our full backing...


Hey tko, welcome and well done on reaching Day 16, you are doing great!

I agree with Karri on all counts with the quit buddy, I recommend reading up on posts here at the stage of your quit so you know what to expect and post often as we are all one big happy family here even though some are at different stages and have and will go similar feelings, withdrawals, days etc...

Welcome to the forum and well done on getting to 3 weeks.

I agree with finding a forum you eventually settle with but don't agree with having a quit buddy. What you really need are like minded people.

If you are positive and have a quit buddy who is constantly negative about their quit it can bring you down.

If you never smoke but your quit buddy has the odd one here and there you may feel it's ok to do the same.

If you have a quit buddy who ends up smoking you may feel jealous, let down or even that you want to do the same.

A quit buddy can be a great addition to your quit or a constant negative influence. There's much more to it than sharing a quit date so think long and hard about it.

Good grief Karri, you're starting to sound like me :)

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