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Day 2

So Day 2 arrives. Managed to get through Day 1 but I was on the road all day. Didn't get much time to think about smoking really.

This morning i've woken up actually wanting my morning cigarette :-(

Anyway, must keep myself busy all day.

I understand it takes 3 days for the Nicotine to leave the body - after that my (or any) cravings will be habit induced rather than addiction induced.

So i have to make it to Day 4 and should be easier from then.

Good luck to all my peers who are also on Day 2 today.

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Love the attitude, there's a winner!!! Keep strong!


It's 2pm and i'm struggling to be honest.

Anyway, heading to Manchester now, so that should kill a few hours.

I've been reading other peoples' accounts of Day 2 and it appears that some find it a struggle, and some breeze through it.

Looking forward to Day 3. Actually i'm looking forward to Day 4, when I should be Nicotine free :-)

Take care everyone.


Shamus...Quitting is not easy but possible.. Hang in there....Yes 72 hours and the nicotine is out of your system and then your brain is going to torture you...Stay strong !!


Hey Shamus, my advice to you at this early stage, just take it hour by hour, gradually build up to day by day, try to keep as busy as you possibly can for the next 2 weeks, you seem very focused and determined, good luck!


Thanks for the kind words :-)

I'm back from Manchester. At least there's not many hours to go for Day 2 to be over.

I think i'm doing ok. Nicodemon is playing with my mind. Telling me to pop up to Tescos and buy a pack of 10. Have a secret fag or two. Nobody needs to know......

I think i'm going to just stay indoors and maybe hide under the duvet lol...

I do miss smoking. I know that's sad and bad... but as of now, it's true. Maybe once i've got a clear head, i'll re-think and laugh at myself.

Catch you all later.


Hope you've had a better day Shamus.

You probably will miss smoking for a little while yet but try and miss it in a good way rather than a bad. Remember that you are in charge and try to keep a positive outlook to your quit at all times. It will all fall into place soon.


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