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6 Months clean

Hi, my name's Canwes and I'm a smoking addict. Now could I please get my 6 month pin? So on a more serious note I just want to say I still fight strong urges sometimes. I trust this is normal but really can't be 100% sure. Anyone reading this that's further along please let me know if you still had cravings past month 6, it's rather disappointing really but also demonstrates just how strrong a hold the nico demon has on us.

Deep breathes, plenty of water, excerise and some distractions help me continue with this quit. Staying strong!

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Fantastic archivement Canwes! You should be so proud!!!!

I suppose some people say there's always going to be a thought or a craving, I don't know because I do not know life without smoking but I'll let you know when I get there :) stay strong buddy and congratulations


Huge congratulations Canwes on reaching a great milestone of 6 months, in another 6 months and the 1 year milestone you will be sharing how much better the next 6 months were, I am sure!


Canwes....I believed in you and you never disappointed. You have always as from day 1 gave us your positive input and we are grateful. Thank you and congratulations on six months (I am on your heels)

On the craves....I am lucky... There is about none and thoughts maybe one a month from month 3.

Stay strong and still never want to pass you !!!!


Congratulations and Well Done Canwes.

I have to say that it was so reassuring for me to read your post and hear that you still have to deal with the occasional smoking thought even though you've reached the 6 month point - something I'm also striving to do. I hope these smoking thoughts disappear for you very soon and I'm sure they will.

I'm only at the 3 month stage myself and although I'm committed to my quit I have to confess that now and again I still get the odd smoking thought. It can be a real pain even though I am able to ignore these 'cravings' and accept them for what they are. It's good to know that this is normal and not just me.

You are well on your way to being an accomplished ex smoker now and I hope I'll be able to follow in your footsteps and stay quit for good.

Best wishes to you Canwes and your success is well deserved.


Hey Canwes - good job! I'm so pleased for you getting your six month badge :)

Yup, I still have the odd crave, and I'm nine months in, now. The worst thing about them is that the craves are starting to feel kind of cheeky - like, a bit of me's going 'teehee, go on, have one behind your own back, it'll be fun!' Like it wouldn't really be serious if I just bought some tobacco and had a few...Weird eh? I just have to tell myself that this is a new tactic the monster's trying because it's desperate now, and I mustn't let myself be convinced that 'just one or two' is ok. It will never be ok! We all know that, and we'll stay strong together, yes?

I kind of popped in tonight to put this on a post of my own...but I'll find something else to say, no doubt :)

Congrats again x


Thanks Incy, I actually was wondering if we'd lost you. Thought you may have slipped back to the dark side but so glad to hear your still here and going strong at 9 months. Yes, I hope we'll stay strong together, strength in numbers right?

Let me know if you need a hand moving into the penthouse. :)


Nooooo, no dark side for me! And if I did I'd be here, beating myself up and demanding help :)

So looking forward to the penthouse - there's been months and months when I felt like no time was passing and the year mark was getting no nearer at all - now it's suddenly galloping towards me! I'll be having a massive housewarming party come 27th February :) x


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