Day 36 🎉

Well I've been through so many emotions and lots of tears getting to day 36 but here I am and I'm still going strong , for the last few days I've started feeling fine even my daughter has noticed the difference in my moods and that I'm not snapping at her every 5mins 😛 and the best bit is I'm not bursting into tears at any given moment , well done everyone on this hard yet amazing journey 💕

3 Replies

  • Ah Bella, I am delighted for you and well done, I too am in a good frame of mind at the moment (Day 40), very well worded in your post above, that this is a hard but amazing journey, we can do this!

  • You're almost there Bella, another few days and it will be all over! Stay strong buddy...Almost there....

  • Thank you both and you have done amazing your posts have kept me going 😊

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