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So week 3 has began a success when I quit smoking I started doing like a daily diary on Facebook and its been unbelievable the amount of support I have got I think that's why I've got as far as I have even the short while I've been on this site has given me support . I think I can actually do this and it will be nice this weekend on our little family holiday not to be stood outside the caravan in the freezing cold and rain just for a stupid CIG onwards and upwards 💪👍🙋🚭😀

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Beautiful post Sarah.

For me, the most enjoyable part of the quit is actually between day 20 and 30. Somehow you need to keep focused but use that time to recharge batteries, the first 2 weeks are just exhausting! Well done and stay strong, enjoy your weekend and you smokes freedom. Xxx

Reply seems you have "tasted" freedom and that is the reason for three weeks success.. for me it was ... ..A fairy tale !!

Well done and enjoy every moment !!


Well done Sarah and enjoy your break away as a non-smoker!


Lovely to hear you sounding so positive Sarah. I think that's the key to success for anyone who's quitting.

Well done and I hope you enjoy your weekend away.


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