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Newbies!!! I'm no expert, but

Canwes1000 Days Smoke Free

I have 5 months behind me now. I must admit it's a struggle however every single day seems to get a little easier (for the most part, of course some days are diamonds and some days are stone) so I see quite a few people just starting on their quit and I wanted to say something other than NOPE (Not One Puff Ever), I wanted to say YES, yes you can do this, These aren't sure fire ways to quit but I'll tell you what I did in the beginning.

1: I ate whatever the hell I wanted to, Yes, we'll live to diet another day.

2: I got as much sleep as my schedule allowed, Yes sometimes it meant sleeping in the middle of the day but if it got me through a crave it was worth it.

3: I did not leave any reminders around. Yes I threw out an open pack of cigarettes and Yes I threw out ash trays.

4: I drank quite a lot more. Yes it was water

5: I watch the clock at times to see how long a crave really lasted. Yes they would always pass.

Be good to yourself during the early stages and do whatever things you like and enjoy as long as you don't smoke. . Yes, this forum can help. Yes, we've all been where you are. Yes supporting one another is important.

Yes, you will succeed

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Well done Canwes and great post especially for the newbies!

HercuValued Contributor

As always ...100% on target...Thank you Canwes for the "greenies" and even for us to remember and not to become complacent !!

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