Ex smoker???

Hello everybody, I haven't checked in for a while but I'm up to 23 days without a cigarette.

Just had a strange experience. A colleague asked to borrow my lighter and without thinking I said, "I don't smoke". It felt a bit weird coming out so I hurriedly added, "I've stopped smoking". Am I really an ex-smoker? It seems too soon to be saying things like that but it just came out. I hope I am!

I hope everybody's doing well with their quits, have a good weekend.

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  • Well big well done and great question. I am not an ex smoker, I'm a smoker struggling to stay off the smokes. I won't call myself an ex smoker until I'm sure I am an ex smoker.

    That's just me, I don't want to start a riot lol

    ....my answer is usually: I haven't been smoking for a while! Rather than I'm an ex smoker.

    I'm probably wrong here, I should probably be shouting out loud I don't smoke :)

  • Yeah that's the way I feel mmya - I'm a struggling smoker! That's why I was so surprised when I said I didn't smoke. One day we'll say that and mean it! Keep it up.

  • Hey Nozmo, well done you on 23 days and on your response, yes you are an ex-smoker and have been since the day you put out your last cigarrette! Unfortunately, I have not come across the opportunity yet to proudly say 'I don't smoke'. I bet you felt great!

    I am on Day 36 and doing good, best week I think since I started my quit, embracing my new healthier life but still keeping my guard up. Looking forward to long bank holiday weekend here in Ireland

  • Hiya rowens. It did feel good afterwards actually, just confusing at the time!

    36 days...that's bloody good going! I'm glad you're finding it easier and feeling the benefits. I've noticed the difference recently, especially on a morning. No more wheezing! Enjoy your long weekend. I'm either going to have a very good or very bad one as it's the Sunderland-Newcastle Derby this Sunday (I'm a Sunderland supporter for my sins)

  • Good luck to Sunderland Nozmo, rugby will be my baby for the weekend, good luck to Hercu's south africia, rooting for them now that Ireland is out of it!

  • Thanks rowens. If I can make it through a derby game...surrounded by Newcastle fans...in the pub...then I know I have made a major step towards packing in smoking for good. It's a very stressful situation for me, 2nd only to getting on a plane.

  • Yup..Rowens .. today is the day for the Springboks....I do hope the do good and must be very positive for my team but Darn..That Kiwi's is good !!

  • Hope today goes well for both your teams Nozmo and Hercu!!

  • Truely gutted for SA Hercu, they deserved to win and the kiwi's definitely did not! Hope you're ok, you should be proud, they put up a great fight....

  • Nozmo,,,Well done on your today 24 days...You must dress with Battle dress 1 (Full kit) for today in that bar...Best for your team and for you and be strong !!

    I always see myself as a smoker who chooses not to smoke anymore and that keeps me alert....Well done on telling someone you don't smoke.. you are an ex smoker!

  • Thanks Hercu. I think I'll take the cowardly option and hide away somewhere for the duration of the game. The temptation to smoke will be far too great that I'm not risking it at this stage.

    Good luck for South Africa in the world cup!

  • LOL ......Thanks for SA !!!!!!

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