No Smoking Day
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Day 2 :)

Hey folks,

So as I quit yesterday evening , I am now into day 2 as of 20.00. This morning getting ready for uni was tough, had a mental wrestle but ME won over the addiction, I cant remember what I tod myself but it stopped all cravings all day after. I realise now that I am 100% an addict. I don't enjoy any part of smoking at all and I don't believe it benefits my life, im just addicted and that's what I hate the most about it.

Ive told myself this time I will feel crud for a month. I might have to fake it out in public for abit. My brain will feel 'dead' for two months but I believe, and from reading it takes most smokers 1 year to feel 100% they have recovered. Not to say we will feel awful for a year. but we wont have to be 'ex smokers' anymore. Just people who once smoked but don't anymore.1 year is fine with me because ive really had enough of being an addict.

Anyways I tend to waffle abit, so to close up. not a bad start although im always on guard for those moments at the moment!

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Well done, keep going. Stay strong!


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