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I am back baby..... yeaaaah baby (behave)

Ladies and gents,

I am back ... Did not relapse but I did slip and not once.but a couple of times... Smoke 1 cig then nothing for 2 days a puff at a wedding and then a whole pack..... after another big fight

Now I am free for 2 days.... thus need advise....

I am going to expect the results of the first week?

Or will this be better?

Any advice will be really helpful?

Need to stop the junkie thinking at stressful situations? (that was my major trigger)

Stressful situations how to handle those..... (usually a fight) This is the trigger I need help with...

Last time I quit (cold turkey) was in for 3 months and then got back to it after a huge fight with family member

The first quit (zyban) 9 months in and smoke after a brake up and was also drunk

Sooo this is the trigger I need to work on ....


Once again thanks for the support all of you! I hope one day to repay you somehow!

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I think there was some really good advice given on one of your previous threads. It is never going to be easy. Not for anyone.

We all have triggers/stressful situations but I hope you have now realised that smoking doesn't help anything - it only makes you long for the next cig.

What you really need to decide, I feel (and this probably sounds very harsh) is whether you actually want to quit and are committed to it? If you are at all unsure - ie if you feel you are depriving yourself by not smoking, rather than feeling pleased that you are no longer controlled by it - then you are doomed to failure.

We are all on the same, very difficult, road ... and we can get there.

Get rid of any remaining cigs - otherwise it is just too easy to think "I'll just have this one".


Yes and may I add that every time you go through a trigger situation and don't cave in, you're actually eliminating the triggers one by one.


Stressful situations with people...walk away.

Just walk away. Think about what's really happening.

Give yourself time. Do not react without thought.

Maybe learn some calming techniques?

Meditation? EFT?

Start a journal maybe? Record your thoughts and feelings so you understand yourself more, and then you can learn how to deal with particular situations where you feel out of control.

Maybe drink a little less when you're feeling vulnerable?

You CAN do it, if this is the right time for you

Take care x


Just so very pleased you are back with us Groushas. xx


How's it going Groushas? Remember we're right beside you!


Groushas Welcome back and thank you for not quitting to quit.

Thomas Edison said:“Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” But then he also said: ”I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Stay strong !! and we are with you !!


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