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Magic 3’s

Tomorrow I will be:

0 years…..3 months…..3 weeks……3 Days……3 hours….3 seconds

Taking the count from the tiniest to the bigger I thought that that 3 seconds it took to make the decision to quit might be the biggest of all and for me the best one I have ever made in my life.

Taken into consideration that I smoked 40 per day and not to have one in 3 hours was a super accomplishment. I will never forget that constant reaching to my top pocket where my cigarettes were for 38 years !!!

The Magic day 3…All the Carbon monoxide is removed, all the nicotine is removed and you are supposed to feel good and you are now smoke free…. Ouch…what a surprise was installed for me….

For the next 3 weeks I walked around like a de-tuned radio, constantly looking for the correct station and became horrified and thought it was permanent. I lost everything, my good ciggy friend and lifelong companion, my sparkle, my Mojo, my Zest for life, everything, I was on the waste dump… I got some wonderful guidance and decided to supplement Herbal.

Up to month 3 I adopted an attitude of….Don’t Defend…Attack! and started to enjoy the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs and rediscovered life. It was amazing to find what I was missing for so long and the best of all is that it was there all the time….I just couldn’t see or recognize it because it was hidden behind a cloud of dirty poisonous cigarette smoke.. !!! I rediscovered Smell…Taste….Breathing !!!!!

I am so eager to get to 3 years and wished for a fast forward button so many times but settled to take it day by day and enjoy every moment….

In the 3 weeks after month 3 I have learned that life is precious and start to live it accordingly and drink in the beauty of nature. Over the last 3 days I was fixing and cleaning, for 3 hours I was searching the Internet for more answers and it took me 3 seconds once again to remember that this circle of life will continue for the rest of my smoke free live......

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Beautifully written! lovely to read, I will get there...I've done 3 secs, 3 mins, 3 days and by tomorrow will have 3 weeks done..can't wait to the 3 months!

I have no doubt you will get to 3 years and 30 years as well. You are a non smoker, Congratulations!


Congratulations Mmaya......You are doing so well and thank you for your support.... Together we will make the 30 year mark....!!


Hercu, you brought a tear to my eye, what a beautiful post, your positive attitude, encouragement, words of wisdom are helping me so much in this quit and i am sure alot of other people on here too, well done you on reaching the 3 month mark, hoping I get to that 3 month mark


Rowens Thank you and as long it was a tear of joy I am Happy Happy !!!

As long as we stand together, as we are now, we will reach that magic many years smoke free.... Thank you once again !


Nice post Hercu, lovely to read. Interesting you should mention the CO leaving your blood after three days. After 5 days I've already noticed I'm feeling more sprightly so this is probably the reason why. I didn't realise we got rid of it so quickly!

I've reached three months before (1st time I tried to quit), I reached 6 months (2nd time) and this time I hope to reach all the months I have left in my life! I'm ready for it this time.


Thank you Nozmo....Yes genuine 72 hours and the CO is gone and the Nicotine as well, thus the "Sprightly" feeling

Yes, three months is dangerous due to our nature to become "complacent" We think we are all in the clear but the Demon is sly...and wait patiently for the moment we let our guard down ...I admitted to be a junkie and a smoker who has chosen not to smoke anymore,,,and will be on alert maybe for the rest of my life ?

Yes definitely this time all of us here is going to make it and in 10 years time we will look back and thought thank goodness for what we have gone through now and we don"t need to pull an oxygen tank with us wherever we go ..Yes let us hang in there NOPE !!


Nozmo, that's the attitude! You know you can do it because you've done it before, lets get the party started then ;)


Like it Mmaya.. Thanks for positivity !!!


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