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Day 17 - my reflection so far

I am feeling calm, relaxed and enjoying the journey of my new healthier life as a non-smoker.

I am not getting many cravings but more thoughts of despair, panic and anxiety at the void in my life of never smoking again, during hard times, stressful times, celebrations, sunny evenings siting outside with a drink, boredom on holidays, comforting a smoker in distress, the situations goes on.....

I am now at the stage of my quit that I need to come up with a way of doing all of the above without reaching for that cigarette, I will have to keep telling / asking myself what does a cigarette do in any of these situations - nothing only cause your body harm....

Since I quit 17 days ago, there have been many positives - sleeping and breathing better, no longer guilty of being a smoker, smelling better and getting alot more cuddles from my hubbie and we are enjoying each others company more now, calmer, able to laugh without starting to choke, getting alot more done at work, happy with myself and sense of achievement, setting new plans now that I am not wasting money on smokes to go on holidays, paint the house etc..., setting new plans to get fit and healthier.

But there are negatives - I thought after Week 2 I would be over the worst of it and be on top of the world, feeling great, healthy and ready to take on everything and anything but unfortunately as the ones at this stage know, that is not the case - our bodies / brain / mind are still getting used to not getting their nicotine fix and play tricks on us.

I have developed slight hypochondria,and paranoia, every little twinge, cough, pain I suddenly think have I left it too late to quit, the damage is done, I have ruined my body and the anger sets in and then fear and what is the point in putting myself through all of this, but the fact is, it is never too late to quit and the human body can surprisingly heal itself very well over time.

I know these feelings will pass, please god, we all get through it and come out the other side....

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The fight is no longer with Niko, it's all with you now... You start feeling slightly depressed because your best friend died and surely cannot be replaced, but you wish he was still here. You'll slowly convince yourself that your auntie smoked all her life and lived healthy until the age of 97. Surely one won't hurt and you'll just have that one, you stopped before, you can stop again. After reading all these answers like mine, you'll think, surely never going to happen to you, you're better and you'll know better...but slowly you will be creating the situations in order to have an excuse for that only one cigarette that you didn't want to have 17 days ago and you fought so hard not to have. Welcome to after day 21, you've reached it on day 17, every quit is different but they all go the same way.Stay alert and be happy to have reached so far. Do not put your guard down, you will be caught off guard. Don't entertain any of those thoughts..skip them and stick to what you know is true Nope xx


Well done ... I've been through all those, including crying for no reason. Still got a month of nicorette gum support (down to 6 a day) to go, then (gulp) hopefully niko free


Well done Paul, continue to prepare yourself for the nico free time in 1 month, have a plan in place for the withdrawals, we're all in this together and to help each other along....


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