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No Smoking Day
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75 days

Hi all,

I look at this forum everyday. I just wanted to congratulate you all on doing so well.

I'm 75 days smoke free and as I'm using an E-Cig it's been remarkably easy, but I know I'm just fooling my brain into believing I'm still smoking, so I feel I'm cheating in someway.

But..my cough has gone, my fitness and breathing has improved.

I'm not advocating e-cigs, but I would have had a rollup after my 10 days CT if it hadn't been to hand.

The next step is to wean myself off it....

Anyway, you're all doing amazingly well. I love reading everyone's stories. Inspiring.

Take care and keep at it!


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Well done ... your thinking the right way, set goals try and keep to them :)


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