Day 19

Good morning guys, I'm feeling rotten today, got some sort of flu thingy that is going on and I just want to stay in bed all day

Instead I'll be doing the taxi driving chores driving the kids around between swimming, piano. Gymnastics... I wish I had their lives when I wad their age. For the 1st time since I quit I had one of those vivid dreams and I remember it as if it was actually real - I smoked a cigarette on my dreams! When I woke up I was really upset because I thought I had actually smoked lol I think I'm losing my mind. Funny thing is still no cravings at all, I'm fine all through the day. Have a nice weekend everyone

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  • Afternoon mmaya, I hear you with the dream, woke up Day 14 after dreaming I smoked too and it really set me back for the day but got through, kept saying to myself it was a dream and look how I am feeling from dreaming it and it spurred me on to never light up that one smoke. My hubbie who gave up over a year and a half ago still has reoccurring dreams that he smoked, the mind is a strange thing!

  • Agreed, never underestimate the power of a sick mind...on my case! I really think the secret is to just accept it, don't fight it.... The "whatever" culture is in order. Hope you're doing good today R.

  • Good Day Mmaya...Hope by this time you are feeling better and the sparkle is back...Moms Taxi thing is like washing dishes nobody else wants to do it !!

    Stay strong and the 3 week target is around the corner...Well done !!

  • Lol ahahah!

  • Just came back from: swimming for #1, piano #2,swimming #2 and parent on duty for 2 long boring hours. I usually struggle to go through the parent on duty thing because it's really boring and I would have to snik out the back to have a fag because it's not good example to smoke outside the building in national swimming club

    Today, I enjoyed the boredom, every single bit of the 2 almost 3 hours of sitting and smiling at the beautiful children misbehaving and being rude without reaching for a cigarette and without even thinking about it. I'm getting good at this, I don't know if it is the champix or a new me,but I like it 😄

  • Well done mmaya, probably better for your flu to be out and about too as will take your mind off really do your heart good aswell, I have a mixture of 4 nieces and nephews living close by and really love being around them to bring a smile to my face.....

  • Yes nieces and nephews are great, so I heard, you can give them back to the parents at night, mine won't go anywhere I'm stuck with them at least for the next 10 years lol - just messing!

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