My Day1

I finally learnt how to start a new topic.

Hi I'm from the island of Jamaica. I'm here cos I really need to quit this habit of mine which started years ago. Because I'm such a loner I get so engrossed sometimes, I even use 'it' to reward myself after a great accomplishment or just for getting something done right...pathetic I know.

Anyway I'm planning to start the gym in less than a month so I know I really need to quit.

I can barely go 3 hrs without, so I'm starting by reducing my gos.

All the support and encouragement appreciated.

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  • Lostinsecure....I don't know if you have seen the welcome message I wrote on your previous post but if not: Welcome once again.

    You have landed on a beautiful forum with lovely people and will get all the support you need..... Stay strong in your quit and post frequently....

  • Good luck today!

  • Thank you Team. It's after 6am here...usually I have the first one around this time. If I make till 10am I'll be. Then if I make it to 12midnight I'll be double fine.

  • Good luck today, every hour smoke free is an achievement!

  • Thank you Jane. I'm trying to think about ice cream.

  • Yummy! Tastes much better than cigarettes!

  • Welcome Lost and well done on the begining your journey of quitting, hope your day is going well for you...keep us updated

  • I'm listening music....ignoring people telling me I have lost a lot of weight cos they don't know that for most of this year all I did was drink n smoke to keep 'alive.' Now I'm itching to go grab one, just 1 the voice in my head is saying...just 1 but I keep putting it off untill later.

  • I sat on my bed many times for hours with the headphones on listening to music and drinking camomile tea to keep me calm. That's how I survived the first few days...this is your quit, take your time and do it your way. Do whatever you need to do, but you come need to think of yourself only forgot abt what others think, who cares anyway? You are doing great, stay strong.

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