Ok so last night was weird..... This cold turkey is hardcore and to anyone that's done it good on you, I am persevering,last night I had very little sleep it felt like I was l looking at the clock all night, I'm sure it was my body crying out for nicotine!

Feel very tired this morning so had a bacon roll and off for a nap now, luckily no work today!

Onwards and upwards though heading towards that first week :) xxx

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  • Well done Donna, last time I went cold turkey as well and it is harder for the first days no doubt but you will find it easier afterwords. One thing I had to do was stop drinking coffee all together, I have 7 or 8 expressos any given day, once I stopped, I managed to get some sleep....good luck for today and stay strong, I don't know abt you, but I do not want to do this again, I am feed up with it, let's make it our last one!

  • You're doing well Donna, keep it up. I've always gone down the Champix route myself, so haven't experienced CT as such.

  • Graham how long did you stay on the champix for? I don't like to take but I'm willing to take as long as necessary to kick the niko away for good. My Gp was saying maybe 6 months on 1 mg instead of 3 months on 2 mg. How long did you stay on the medication for?

  • Well said Donna.....No way around it but through !!!

  • How did it go for you today? All good? Hang in there my friend, it's time to show Nico who the boss is :)

  • Hanging in there although very stressed today and craving badlay, especially this evening.....also I have been sweating loads, mainly my face? Early night for me tonight, expecting day three to be utter plop and then I'm hoping things will pick up slightly xx

  • Owww!! Don't give up, remember how frustrating it is to keep going back to the beginning and keep it up! I'm right here if you need a rant!

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