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Day 21 FREE 3 weeks

Weekend at a wedding ....Did not smoke.... People were asking to give them cigarettes ... Some friends were surprised I quit ....

Big craving for the morning cigarette with coffee .....

Need more reward system... and need to keep it up....

It does get bettter.... but very slowly now after week 1

3 weeks milestone....

Previous quits:

8 months Zyban 2002

1 month CT 2008

2 weeks CT 2009

3 months Cold Turkey (Early 2015)

Is this the last one?

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Groushas.... Congratulations for staying strong on a nice social outing with smoking friends...!

You must try and reward yourself by really praising yourself to be so strong in this quit....

If it means anything to you...We on this forum are proud that you are 3 weeks smoke free ...


Very happy for you! Celebrate! Try to start something new that involves concentration an hands, I did the knitting, painting, drawing anything, it will help you a lot, you will soon find that you won't be thinking abt cigarettes half as much. Like yourself, I too tried to quit a few too many times, and it's all good, practice makes perfect :) hang in there, you will be fine, you are giving it your best shot, it can't go wrong, happy Monday!


Three weeks is great well done to you, are you CT again? I just starting my 97th (:)) journey again CT.

If you want this to be your last quit, it will, keep those positive thoughts going, we are all behind you xx


thanks all for your support

DonnaJ yes its CT this time as well

Is it getting better ? If yes how and when?


Groushas...... A quote from my post on 4 weeks:

"Weeks 3 and 4 was the discovery of my weaknesses. The terrible idea to cope with life and the curve balls on my own. Now I realized that life is a reality and not a false euphoria of happiness where I can light a cigarette and every thing is OK......

I was confused, must I fight or must I flight ????? I was searching and looking for answers.......:confused:"

It did get better after this I promise !!!


Hi Groushas......Day 21 for me too.

I think the hard part probably starts now. We've made a start, ditched smoking and marked each day that's passed as an achievement - and it has been an achievement to get this far. We've proved we can ignore the cravings and do very nicely without smoking. Yes there are times when we feel we miss it but we don't need it any more.

Now I think it's a case of accepting that we can keep this up and more importantly that we want to keep it up.

Instead of counting the days I'll try marking off the weeks from now on. What I really want to do is to be able to stop counting at all and just get to the point where I don't have to - think that's going to take a while though.

My reward for not smoking is the personal satisfaction I'm getting from this quit mission, even if it does test my sanity every now and again.;)

Stay strong.


I think it's good you are preparing for phase 2 where you accept or confirm you want to and can carry on. I saw it like this too and it helped me get past month 2 and 3 where I failed so many times before. I'm at 6 months now and though I guess it's different for every one, for me it all seemed to calm down after I passed month 4. Month 5 and now 6 I find I do actually forget I'm quitting and not smoking is normal.... Hurrah long may it continue X still rooting for you, you're doing great X


thanks u all for your comments...... I am afraid of month 3........




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