No Smoking Day
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21st September is the day for me

Hello all, not sure how many people are still on here that I know but here we are again....I quit for 5 months which is by far my longest ever achievement but as usual the weight piled on and the depression and anxiety hit again.

This time I actually do know I can do it, after years of trying and failing I managed 5 months, each time I am edging ever closer to the year quit.

I am armed and ready, quitting tomorrow cold turkey, starting Slimming world on Thursday ( other fat clubs our available :) ) and making an appointment with docs this week to maybe up my meds a bit to alleviate the anxiety I get.

My plan is to be slimmer healthier and smoke free.

With all the tools in place I CAN make it further than 5 months this time.

Looking forward to getting back on the horse again xxxx

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Donna, I am so happy to see you're back :) I'm on day 6 today but this time I'm taking the champix.... Good luck hun!


Great timing by the way, you'll be 3 months gone by Christmas which is always a difficult time...


Thank you Maya yes that's the plan plus I'm hoping I will be a stone lighter too ( at least) :) how are you faring I've been reading your posts, notice u had a couple of down days but it seems like y have picked up a bit now which is great, keep it going lovely xxx

P. S it's awfully quiet on here :/ lots of guests not many members let's hope there's an influx for Stoptober x


It was very quiet when I started posting but since there's been loads of new members joining.... It's just Sunday, they'll be back tomorrow... I'll pm you abt my downs lol


Of course you can Hun if I can help I will xx


Donna ...Congratulations on you decision to quit today and amazing the fact that you are taking on a weigh loss program as well.

Well.... when I was battling my quit the first week or two my dear wife decided to go on a diet...Ouch.... she got food withdrawal and I nicotine withdrawal....Imagine the Growling and Barking in my household for that 2 weeks...Luckily all ended well and I kicked the habit and she is almost on her target weight....(woman will never reach a acceptable weight );)

What I want to say is good luck on the double trouble and you have got all my backing ....Strongs !!


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