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day 19th need help

Was not expecting week 3 to be harder .... but easier.

Still no puff..... feeling better but the major improvements are not that visible as before.... now I am more stable and need incentives and tips ....

What should i expect the next few days?

New tips?


Help needed .... last time I quit in early this year I relapsed on month 2....

This time is for good and it's my 4th time of quitting

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Goushas, Mr niko is a smart lad and will always hit you when you less expect it, stay strong.


There's no magic wand to help us quit or even stop thinking about smoking but I wish there was.

It's good days and bad along the way and we just have to stay on our guard. I've tried this more than 4 times (I've lost count) but every time I've failed I've regretted it.

Who actually needs smoking and why do we do it?? That's what I keep asking myself and I can't find an answer!

There's lots of good reading material on here and tips to help us and they do help but at the end of the day it's just up to us. There's just no point to smoking so why waste our time thinking there is.

It's day 19 for me too. Today's going well so I hope it lasts and I don't spoil it later by trying to convince myself that I don't need a cigarette.

I've saved at least £95 so far by not buying cigarettes although I'm not sure where the money is lol. I'm going to start saving it in a jar or something in the hope that it will increase my resolve to stick this quit out to the bitter end. Apart from everything else, smoking is an expensive addiction and a complete waste of time and money,nobody knows that more than me.

There is the 'Stoptober' campaign coming up and I think I'll sign up to that. I know I've started my quit but it might give me something to work towards until 1st October. There are lots of tips and videos on their website too groushas so it might be worth taking a look. I'll clutch at any straws this time because I'm fed up with failing.

Stay strong and I hope all's well with you.


I have a bit more time write now, from my experience as a loser that can't get the quit right too many times, between day 10 and 20 is when your brain stars playing tricks on you and you start questioning why can't you smoke? I have this conversations with myself. Sure I don't drink, I don't do drugs, I'm always working why can't I allow myself just the 1 cigarette? In February last I joined this forum at that stage,vi knew if I got involved enough on the forum, that would eventually stop me from smoking because I would feel like I was failing the people that were trying to help me everyday. So I posted and posted, great to keep the ones behind motivated as well...the worst for me is always week 7 and 8, and this time, when I get there I will go to my Gp and get whatever is available to get me though. Every single time I go into depression at that stage. Some people don't have this at all, maybe when you attempt to quit so many times, it gets to a point where you know what's ahead and you become unstoppable. Hope you are feeling better this afternoon, stay strong.


Week 3 is usually the time you congratulate yourself for reaching that far, then look at the expanse of forever before you and think you have to deal with that time all at once, rather than one day at a time. You might also be thinking 'can I deprive myself for that long?'. A little time later you will hopefully realise that you are not depriving yourself of something good, but ridding yourself of something bad.

If you had survived a near-fatal car accident, you wouldn't look back and think 'oh, I wish I was back in the hospital unable to walk or feed myself', you would be grateful to yourself for having got better. Due to the addictive nature of smoking, you can sometimes look back at when you were smoking and slowly killing yourself and think you'd like to go back. The mind thinks that if nothing adverse happens immediately following an event, then it is safe. If you had had a car accident you would probably be wary of getting into a car again, but you need a leap of faith to realise that smoking can harm you, because every time you had a fag nothing obviously bad happened to you (although it may have been building up inside you, unseen, waiting for a chance to strike). Similarly smoking may be associated with happy memories. It needs an intellectual view rather than an emotional view for the first few months.

Webistes include and, if you don't mind having six colours frightened out of you,


Groushas... It is proved that 72 hours after your last cigarette all the nicotine in your body is removed and you are left with emotions and feelings.

This is a quote I took very serious on my journey:

"The risks and side effects of smoking far outnumber and outweigh the side effects you experience after stopping but still, quitting is difficult. Knowledge is power with a nicotine addiction because being able to premeditate the physical and emotional changes your body will undergo will give you an advantage and make it easier to follow through with your commitment to stop."

That is why I have spent hours on the internet searching for answers and found it !!!


Thanks for the great advice


I view it this way ..... a.) do I take a deep breath of Gods clean fresh air, OR

b.) pay a company to basically gas me till I'm I'll or end up dead.

So far God's free fresh air is winning :) .... I know there may be bumps in the road, slip ups, cravings .... But I'll just take a deep breath and think.


Paul... So good to see you are strong in your quit....Very well done my friend...Nearly 2 Months Good !!.


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