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Day 16th S.O.S. close

Last night big fight with new girlfriend.... asking questions about my past relationships and etc.... big fight....left the house

Drove to gas station to buy a pack stop outside and then left....

This is the closest i came to smoking the past 16 days....

It was close.....

Really Close

Though about precious and that it will just make things worse

Lastly I can brake up and also have a big argument and still be smoke free ..... I can handle stress better now without cigarettes....

I felt light headed at the pool while swimming yesterday... dizzy feeling about to faint .... did anyone experience this?

TIPS for EMERGENCY MOMENTS like the above...

Big win yesterday from nicodemon

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Well done groushas. To be that close to breaking your quit and come through it shows your strength.

In stressful situations the first thing that comes to mind for us quitters is to reach for a cigarette. We all do it! A couple of days ago I thought I'd lost one of my bank cards - panic!!! And what was the first thing that came to mind - yes, that I needed to smoke. But, I got over the urge and eventually found the missing card in my coat pocket. I'm still not sure that had I had cigarettes in the house then that I would have been able to resist temptation but thank goodness I was more concerned with finding the card.

These close shaves will happen for a while yet but we've just got to get through them. A cigarette certainly doesn't make anything better so don't let anything make you think that it is.

I'm sorry to hear about your break up with the girlfriend but it sounds as if you might be better off without her if she's causing problems already - sorry, I know that's nothing to do with me. Just remember that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Not sure about the dizziness. It could be that you over exerted yourself while swimming - jerked your head or such like. It could be anything - low blood sugar level because you hadn't eaten. I wouldn't worry too much unless it keeps happening but if it does get yourself checked out at the doctors. Hopefully it's just a one off though, these things sometimes happen for no explained reason. One thing for sure is that if you had smoked a cigarette last night after 15 days of being smoke free you certainly would have felt dizzy. I know that from my past failures - and there's been too many of them. Not any more though I hope.

Keep going. You are doing really well.:)


We will both succeed on this one...... together.... Keep Strong


Linda, I love your post, I wouldn't have phrased it in any other way. I also have a serious problem with stress, really is a problem for the majority of us. What I like abt the champix is that it actually makes me very calm and serene, I know some people report the opposite but I'm like a dummy when I'm taking it, that's why I agreed to do the medication, I'm hoping it will help me to keep cool 😊


groushas..... Good that you could handle a situation like this....In my post Adios Amigo I mentioned just that.... Situations are created so that you must rely on a cigarette to cope.

If you did... can cope without a a wonderful victory and means that you have taken control... Well done !!


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